Storage Solutions in Leicester, Nottingham and Derby

MnM Removals offer the best storage solutions in Leicester, Nottingham and Derby including all surrounding area’s. Call today for your Free quotation on 0800 0025 543.

MnM Removals is one of the leading independent UK home removals companies specializing in house removals and storage at our depot in Leicester, Leicestershire, Loughborough, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Let our professional and dedicated house removals team  relocate your belongings in to our safe and  secure self storage in Leicester. After moving in to your new home you may find you no longer have adequate storage space especially if you have downsized your property. You may need temporary cost effective storage solutions whilst you are unpacking or decorating your new home. MnM Removals have put together a brief guide of the most efficient and reasonably priced options available. MnM Removals  only offer the best storage solutions in Leicester, Nottingham and Derby and all surrounding area’s call us now for more information.

Clothing storage

  • Vacuume Storage

     Vacuume storage bags are ideal for the compact flat storage of bulky items such as clothing or bedding.

  • Clothing storage bags

    These clothing storage bags are great for ensuring clothes  don’t get wrinkled or creased during storage.

shoe storage

  • Shoe storage

    These compact shoe storage bags are ideal for storing away your out of season footwear or shoes you don’t often wear.

  • Shoe racks

    Shoe racks are a superb solution for storing the shoes you were everyday, allowing easy access without disturbing the other shoes.

Toy storage

  • Toy storage boxes


    Toy storage boxes are a fun colorful way of storing toys and can be easily stacked.

  • Pop up toy storage

    Pop up toy storage are best used for soft or cuddly toys.

[highlight color=”#089cff”]Garden storage[/highlight]

Garden storage box

If you have had to leave your garden shed behind a garden storage box may be just what you need.


[highlight color=”#089cff”]Hall storage[/highlight]

Coat hooks

Coat hooks offer a very cost effective and versatile solution and come in all shapes and sizes.

The Space Place Self Storage

MnM Removals work very closely along side the Space Place in Leicester enabling you to sort your house removal and storage needs all with our professional team.
However book in advance and receive massive savings on behalf of MnM Removals.
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