Things not to do when moving house

Here are  easy mistake to make and what you should do instead. Follow our 6 things not to do when moving house.

  • Hiring a removal firm with out getting a survey completed

Most removal firms work by volume of the items. To ensure you are provided with the correct vehicle your items will be listed by a surveyor who will visit your home to discuss your requirements (No charge should apply for a survey). In some cases a larger vehicle will be needed in other cases a smaller vehicle would require numerous trips.

  • Using your final sweep of the house to look for new items to take
It is always advisable to carry out a final sweep of your home, checking all cupboards and draws making sure nothing important is left behind. However this should not be an opportunity to pack extra items that are not needed.
  • Setting up new services after your removal

There is generally a time delay when disconnecting and reconnecting your household services, this is why we recommend you call in advance particularly Gas and Electric suppliers as they usually have the longest delays. The same may also apply for telephone and broadband connection.
  • Not Labeling your boxes 

We recommend when packing your boxes you should label them with the room they are going to be put in with a brief description of the contents. This will make your move a lot easier when its time to unpack in your new home.


  • Spending to much time packing easy items and forgetting the important tasks
When it comes to removal day dont wait until the removal van is out side to start disconnecting and packing your appliances such as computers printers etc. If you do not feel confident in disconnecting these items yourself please ask a friend or seek professional advice in advance.
  • Forgetting to record your utility readings 
In all the last minute rushing around it can be easy to forget to record your utility readings. This is an important task as the last thing you need is to be over charged for your gas and electricity supply.

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