Will my move be insured by my house removal company.

When relocating expensive sofas, beds, wardrobes and personal belongings, all you want to know is, will my move be insured by my removal company, during the moving process. Many professional removal companies will allocate you with the relevant home content insurance, that meets your exact value, needs and requirements, when moving home.

Will My House Removals Company Insure My Move?

Will My Move Be Insured by my house removal company

Some house removal companies will charge an extra fee, on top of your removal quote, for providing goods in transit insurance and public liability insurance for your move. Double check this with your chosen home relocation company.

If you already have home content insurance in place already, get in touch with them to see exactly how much of your home contents, your insurance policy is covering. Check with your insurance whether your household furniture and sentimental belongings are covered during the moving process. This could save you additional charges from your house removals company.

Will My Move Be Insured By My House Removal Company

Will My Move Be Insured by my house removal company

Removal Insurance

There are two types of house removal insurance policies that you may require for your move, they are called Goods in Transit insurance and Public Liability insurance. When your home relocation company has both of these insurance policies in place, to cover the value for the furniture and items you are moving to your new home.

Goods in Transit Insurance

provides insurance cover for many household, the few that are not covered by your moving company will be things like petrol, gas canisters or any type of toxic or hazardous waste. When removal companies choose a goods in transit insurance policy, they will be able to choose their exact price of insurance cover, whether that be £10.000, £20.000, £50.000 and so on.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is just as important and provides cover for your home and your self in the likely hood that your movers damage your walls or drops something on to your foot and your are injured. When taking out public liability insurance, the cover usually starts from around £1 million. Depending on your type of home £5 million public liability insurance should be enough to put any major issues right.

If you are completing the packing

Many home relocation companies will not cover you for goods in transit insurance, if you do the packing your self. To qualify for your goods in transit insurance, from your chosen moving company, they will have to complete the packing for the insurance to be valid in the first place.

Will My Move Be Insured By My House Removal Company


Relocating your entire home contents, that you have built up along the years, to your new home, can be major task, moving and picking up heavy furniture constantly for a few hours is more than enough time for something to go wrong. So hiring a professionally trained and qualified removal company is essential, as they have the experience in moving hundreds of homes, in all different shapes and sizes, so to them, moving will be simple.

To ensure you have the security and insurance you need, for a successful house removal


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