Thinking Of Doing Your Own Removal? – 12 Reasons Why You Do Your Home Move Your Self When Moving Home

There are many reasons as to why it may be beneficial to complete your own home move and not use reputable removal companies or man & van companies. Whether that be trying to avoid those costly moving company prices and fees, not sure on which is the best removal companies for you or you have the assistance of friends and family that are willing to lend a helping hand when moving to your new home. Below is an article on the 12 reasons why you should do your home move your self, made specifically for people who intend on completing their own house removal.

Is It Okay To Do Your Own Removal? – Find All The Reasons As To Why You Should Complete Your Own Home Move

Completing your own house removal is not for the faint hearted. Assuming you only have a few belongings and small light furniture like bedside tables then making the choice to go it alone could be ideal for your situation. Many people tend not to call on reputable moving companies as they only have a few possessions that require moving. It is not uncommon for removal companies to carry out, smaller man & van removals, student removals or 1 bedroom house removals, even for people moving just around the corner or to the next street.

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We always recommend that when moving home you get a FREE Home Survey & Removals Quote, whether that be from a small Man & Van company or a large reputable house removals company. Your move may not cost as much as you may think. So it’s always a good idea to get a professional quote before attempting to complete your own house removal. Some times for all it is worth and the process involved when buying a house, finding, quality solicitors, finding the best surveyors, conveyancer, mortgage brokers, land lords, estate agents and so on. This process should be seen in the same light when planning & choosing your house removals company to help you relocate your furniture.

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12 Of The Ultimate Solutions & Reasons As To Why It Could Be Okay To Complete Your Own Home Move When Moving House

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Moving out of your parents home  & moving into your first new home

If you are planning on moving out of your parents home for the first time you may not have a lot of items to be moved. Often when moving out of your parents home you will purchase new furniture and items that you can arrange to delivered to your new home.

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Moving into to a new build home that is fully furnished 

Often when buying new build properties they come with the option of being fully furnished to your choose. This can often mean you only have a few items to be moved as sofas and white goods are already in place.

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If the furniture you have is not worth a lot of money and doesn’t have any sentimental value

Some times it can be more costly to hire a van and complete your own house removals, especially if the items you are moving are not worth much in money or do not have any sentimental value to you. For this purpose it could be ok to hire a cheap van and relocate your items.

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The removal companies quotes are higher than the value of the items you want moving

If you get a quote and its way over the value of the goods you are moving, then it could be a good idea to complete your own removal if moving locally and you don’t have much items. We can offer advice or even send out members of our team at a fraction of the cost to lend a helping hand. We are always here to help.

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You only have bags & clothes with no furniture to be moved to the new home

If you are a student of just a have a couple of bags and clothes that require moving to your new place it could be wise to complete this type of move your self. Hiring a small combo van instead of large 18 tonne removal truck should be perfect for your needs and cost you less money in the long run.

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You are not moving home with children or planning to move kids toys and furniture

You are a living on your own in a rented apartment and most of the bulky furniture will be staying behind and you just want to relocate a few personal items.

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You live in a very small house or shared house or apartment with just a few personal effects

You live in a shared house and just have a 1 rooms worth of items to be moved. Using a large removal truck would waste space and money. For this type of move you will require a small man and van service especially if you are moving far away.

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If you have all the time in the world & are not in a rush to complete your home move

You can complete your own house removal if you are in no rush to move and are not moving far away, Again you may require assistance from a moving company for a fraction of the price who will help you to load and unload your furniture.

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You have previous moving experience within the removals industry and understand how moving home works

You have previous removal experience along with a healthy strong group of friends who will lend a hand to relocate your furniture. Preferably removal experience will be needed to execute a swift and effective move.

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You don’t require moving boxes or specialist packaging materials for your move

You have located all your own packaging and materials. And don’t require packaging or the assistance of a moving company.

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If  you are not moving far away or moving just around the corner

You are only moving to the next street and have friends and family to help lend a hand filling up their cars etc. This can be a time-consuming task as several runs may need to be achieved. For this type of removal it can be more cost-effective using a Man & Van company.

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Only attempt to move home on your own if you can cope with the stress & hard work involved

It is important that you weigh up the options available to you when moving home. It is easy to look at every thing in your home and think “yeah i can do this” which is all okay until you actually start moving your furniture. If you are half way through your move and get stuck, hurt or injured in any way. Remember we are here to help.

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MnM Removals hopes that this article on the 12 Reasons Why You Should Do Your Home Move Your Self has provided you with some great solutions and helped you to make up your mind on whether to choose a professional removals company, man & van or do it yourself.

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