Find all the questions you may need to ask your movers. Here is 30 things to ask your moving company when moving home in Loughborough Leicestershire


Now that your home is up for sale and listed on to the property market, it is now time to look in to which local removal firms in Loughborough or further afield are going to be good for you, your family and meet all of your demands and requirements.

Here you will find questions on 30 things to ask your moving company when moving home in Loughborough Leicestershire. This guide will help to ensure you ask your house removals company the right questions prior to removals day.

When moving home you will soon realise that there are a lot of questions you may want to ask or know before making formal decision on what Loughborough removal firm you would like to choose for your move. This guide will provide you with a detailed list of all the important questions you should ask your movers when moving home in Loughborough.

1. Will a removal agent come and visit our home?

In many cases a larger more reputable removal firms in Loughborough will provide a free of charge home survey. If moving at short notice or your movers are based a long way away, then a home survey may not be an option. Instead your movers may send you an online inventory for you to fill in or provide you with a survey that can be carried out face to face using a mobile phone app. There are many options available to customers when requesting a free home survey.

Its always best to ask your movers what methods they will use to complete your home survey.

2. What will the removal agent want to see?

Your removal agent will want to see everything that you wish to move to the new house. They may want to have a look in the attic’ sheds, garages and garden.

This is so the removal firm can provide you with a fair and accurate quote, the right number of movers and the right size of vehicles.

When moving it is vital that the removal agent gets to see all furniture to avoid any delays on moving day.

3. What will my removal quote involve?

This will depend on the removal service you have taken out. Your removal quote should clearly include

  • The company name and address
  • The price including VAT charges and Insurance charges
  • All the removal services that will be carried out on your removal day
  • A brief description of the number of vehicles and movers etc
  • How you should pay

4. Is our quote a fixed price quotation or a hourly quotation?

Many reputable removal companies in Loughborough or Leicestershire will offer a fixed price quotation for your move. This helps customers to understand the quote and know exactly how much money they need to budget for in advance.

Usually Man and Van removal companies charge by the hour. There usual fee is £65 per hour. Although many are not equipped for larger house removals.

5. Will we be charged for any delays when waiting for the new house keys?

In most cases yes. Many removal companies will charge customers for excessive waiting times. When it comes to moving home time really is money. If the new house keys are not ready and really delayed then your moving company may charge for this waiting period.

If you are aware of any delays with waiting for the new house keys to be released on moving day. Ask your movers if they could start the move and loading a couple hours later instead.

Remember your movers will aim to arrive bright and early so always notify them straight away of any upcoming issues.

6. Do you complete large 6 bed plus home removals?

Larger removal firms will have no problem completing the largest of home moves for removal clients. They have all the skills, equipment and resources in place to ensure a 6 bedroom family home is relocated with little or no fuss at all. Many larger removal firms will even relocate you to another country.

So if moving from a larger home than usual or if you have more furniture than usual, its always best to choose a larger moving firm for your move like MnM Removals.

7. Do you do long distance removals, across the country?

Most removal firms will offer long distance removals across the UK. The issue lies with what company you choose and the size of the move.

For example a small removal company may only have the resources to move you locally within 5 or 10 miles. Where as a firm with more resources ie larger vehicles etc, could move you from London to Scotland in just 1 day. Some larger firms also provide world wide relocations to Canada and Australia.

8. How many movers and vehicles will I need?

This is why it is important that your removal firm offers a free home survey because off the top of your head it’s hard to say what each customers move is going to be like.

Here are some examples of home many movers and vehicles you may need.

For 2-3 bedroom home move 2-3 movers and a 3.5 tonne vehicle.

For a 3-4 bedroom home move 3-4 movers 7.5 tonne vehicle.

For 5-6 bedroom home move 4-5 movers 2 x 7.5 tonne vehicles.

9. Do you offer a full or part home packing services?

A full home packing service is part of your house removal. Altough many removal companies will let you do your own packing. We must point out that many removal insurance companies may not insure a move if the customer completes their own packing service.

Many reputable removal companies will have the right type of removal insurance in place for your move. Although they may charge an additional fee for customers to use their insurance to cover the move.

Did you know you can also take out your own removal insurance policy. This may be something you might want to look in to click here.

10. Can we do our own packing service?

Yes. Many removal firms will let the customer pack their own belongings. However as previously mentioned the movers may not cover the insurance if customers do their own packing service, so please double check with your movers first.

11. Do you provide all the packaging materials for us to do a self pack?

Yes. Larger removal firms will have there own removal boxes that they will use to pack your entire home. Many removal companies may be able to offer a reduced rate on packaging costs or provide used removal boxes at a discounted rate or for free to win your custom.

Most reputable removal companies will do what they can to try to keep removal and packaging costs as low as possible for customers.

12. Is my entire move, house and furniture fully insured?

Yes. But always ask to see proof of this in writing. Removal insurance is called Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance. When taking out removal insurance with your movers it will cover any damages to your old or new home. It will cover all furniture that is transported or moved by your movers and it will cover the worst circumstances when some thing is damaged or some one is hurt during the removal process.

13. Will you dismantle some or all of my larger furniture?

If you request most removal companies will dismantle all furniture within your home and set them up again once at the new home.

You will still want to check just to be sure that your movers will dismantle all the larger items in your home and reassemble them in the rooms of your choice once at the new home location. Man and van companies many not provide this exceptional service.

14. Will you use floor or shoe protection?

When moving home the last thing you want is a muddy carpet once the movers have left. To avoid this let your movers know well in advance if this is something you will require. So they can provide you with rolls of film or carpet protection

For insurance and safety reasons movers and packers are not allowed to remove footwear while carry out the move.

15. How will you protect my best suits and clothes?

Removal firms will use wardrobe boxes or XL boxes to ensure all clothing is packed and box safety. This will ensure they don’t get damaged or dirty once in transit to the new home.

Remember that the wardrobe boxes can only fit 4-5 suits comfortably and cost £12 each one, so can pump up the packaging costs. Ask your movers if they can provide clean used ones that you can borrow or rent.

16. Is it ok to keep the pets locked in a spare room on removals day?

Yes for many removal companies this is totally fine. As long as the movers are made aware when they first arrive at the property in the morning. It could be a good idea to lock the room or leave a clear note on the door.

17. I have a lot of art and antique furniture. Will extra care be taken to ensure that they will be carefully looked after?

Boxes or cartons can be tailor made to measure for specialist delicate items, like statues, sculptures and other items like grandfather clocks, marble tables etc.

However many removal companies will offer a full home packing service using specialist packing materials to ensure the safety of your most delicate art and antique furniture.

18. How can I save money on my house removal and get a more competitive quote?

The only way you can save money on your home move is to

  • Negotiate on price with your movers
  • Get rid all old unused furniture
  • Get at least 3 removal quotations
  • Arrange for a free home survey
  • Do the packing and dismantling your self

19. I don’t want to take all of the furniture to the new home. Do you offer a house clearance service?

Not all removal companies will provide a house clearance service. Although it is worth asking the question. You may need to find a house clearance company that specialises in clearance services like MnM Removals.

20. The new home is not going to be ready in time for removals day. Do you offer household storage?

Yes all well established removal companies in Loughborough and Leicestershire will be able to provide you with storage facilities for your furniture. You can even store for as long or as little as you need. Many removal firms may work along side a storage company where they can offer their customers a discounted rate for storage. A reputable removal firm will be able to offer self storage units or container storage.

I recommend container storage as they are a lot more affordable, they come equipped with ventilation and some are even temperature controlled. You can park right up to them to load and off load so much easier than using self storage units.

With self storage units, you have to first decide what floor the storage unit is on. Meaning you will have to fuss over waiting for the 1 lift full of stuff to get to the floor you need. Can you imagine this on a busy Friday. It can be a total nightmare for the movers and the customer, especially if you have tonnes of furniture to store.

So self storage or container storage, this is something you will need to really consider, especially if you plan to return to the storage unit and move items at a later date.

21. Will the movers move everything in to storage and back to our new home once its ready?

Yes. Most definitely. Your movers can carry out a full home packing service, ensuring every item of furniture is protected especially if the furniture is stored in storage for a long time. Once your new home is ready and prepared, please instruct your removal firm of the dates so they can arrange to relocate your belongings and furniture to the new home.

22. We are moving home and have a piano and a American sized fridge freezer. Is this something you can cope with?

If you have a piano or a large item like an American fridge freezer you will want to notify your movers right away. They may need to send a removal agent to access the item and the access points to your home. Many removal companies come equipped with piano moving tools, taillift vehicles, ramps and piano skid boards for larger pianos

23. My tv is a 65 inch what measure will you take to ensure it is not damaged or broken?

TV boxes can be provided for customers that have large TVs. TVs should really be packed into the original box it came in. If your tv is on the wall or on a stand you may want to ask your movers if they will remove it from the wall or stand before packing the tv.

24. My removal date has not yet been 100% confirmed. Can you pencil me in for the 19.7.2020?

With MnM Removals this is absolutely fine. We operate an understanding and flexible company and service. With other removal firms in Loughborough this may not be the case.

Some removal companies may take a 3rd of the quote price upfront as a deposit. Which 20% of that can be taken if customers cancel the move after a certain date or change the date of the move at the last minute.

Most removal firms will do this to avoid them losing out and not booking in for another customer if a removal is cancelled at the last moment.

25. What happens if we need to change our moving date to another date is this ok?

With MnM Removals it is simple. We will simply work with our customers to book the day they want. Other removal companies may charge as mentioned before. Double check with your movers what their policy is and how this will affect you and hour move.

26. How long will the removal take altogether from start to finish?

It all depends on the size of your move, the distance of travel and how many professionals you will have working on your removals day.

Most 4-5 bedroom home removals can be completed in one working day, finishing around the 6-7pm for bigger moves.

27. Will the packers and movers be experienced and uniformed?

You will want to ensure that you will be getting the best out of your removal company when hiring them to complete your move.

A professional removal company will provide an experienced removal team that are fully uniformed and easily identifiable.

28. Is it better to move on a less busy day. If so what days of the week would that be?

Yes it can be more cost-effective for customers to move home at less busier days of the week if possible. Fridays are the busiest days for removal companies in Loughborough, Leicestershire and the UK. So check with your movers if moving on a weekend or a Monday to Thursday is better for them and you.

29. Do you take cards, cheque, bank transfer or cash?

A professional established removal company will make sure you can pay for your love by all means. Whether that be using a credit card, cheque, bank transfer or cash.

30. Will i get a receipt of payment made for my move?

Yes. You will be provided with a full receipt for payments you have made to your movers. Keep your receipts safe incase they are needed at a later time.

If you are moving home in Loughborough or Leicestershire and need a reliable removal firm, look no further than MnM Removals. We are your most affordable, stress-free and professional house removals company. Get in touch for a free quote“.

30 things to ask your moving company when moving home in Loughborough Leicestershire