What you need to know when moving home & arranging a removals quote for house removals in Leicester & Leicestershire

Moving home can be an emotion and stressful time in your life. Dealing with solicitors, estate agents and removal companies can become to overwhelming for some people to cope with. Following our guide on the 5 important tips to consider when moving house and arranging a removals quote in Leicester will help to ensure that you avoid any hidden or last-minute surprises for the cost of your house removal services. Listed below are 5 tips to help you to understand what your removal quotes are based on and to ensure that you receive a fair, accurate and affordable quote when moving home in Leicester.

When you have arrived at the point where you need to get a quote from a local professional removal company in Leicester. You will want to be sure that the removal price quoted is the price you pay at the end of your removal. This will alleviate the amount of stress on you, as you will know well in advance exactly how much your removal will cost.

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Booking A Home Removal Survey 

The key parts to any house removal in Leicester is to ensure that you plan, prepare and organize your move well in advance. You can book your home survey with your prospective removal company from up to 2 months before your move. This will allow and give you the time you need to plan, prepare, organize and budget for your house removal.

Book A Home Removal Survey will ensure that the quote you receive is fair and accurate. It also ensures that you receive moving services that can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Your survey will be completed by your personal move coordinator who will assess the volume and cubic feet of furniture to be moved to the new home, as well as taking notes of the access to the property.

The survey is a great time to meet your Leicester removals company face to face, where they can best advice, assist and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the moving process.

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Getting A FREE House Removals Quote

When requesting a removals quote from your removals company you want to ensure that the quote is a set or fixed price quote. This means you will not be charged more than the price you have been quoted, unless extra services have been completed. A fixed price quote allows you to know before hand what your removals will cost.

Removal quotes a based on a number of important factors some of which includes:

  • The size of property and number of bedrooms you have.
  • The distance of travel to the new home and location
  • The volume or cubic feet of furniture to be moved
  • The home removal services you require for stress free move
  • The number of movers and packers require to complete your home packing
  • The nature & access of your property and whether the removal truck can get to the house
  • The number of floors and stairs to climb
  • Whether there are any specialist items that require a specialist team to be moved
  • How long the move will take 1 day, 2 days or 3 days

All of the above will need to be considered by removals company when providing you with a fair and accurate quote for your move.

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Ensure Your Removal Company Has Insurance 

Another important part of your house removal is to ensure that your furniture, belongings and other household items are covered under the insurance policy of your removals company. You can ask your company to see their goods in transit insurance policy. As well as insuring your furniture, it may be a good idea to ensure that your safety and your damage to your home is covered under your removal companies Public Liability Insurance. Goods in Transit Insurance protects your household items/furniture and Public Liability Insurance protects you, your family and damage to your home.

However removal companies may only insure items up to a specific value. You can either ask your company to higher the insurance or choice your own insurance cover as precaution. MnM Removals ensures that all its customers moving home in Leicester are provided with home removal insurance for their move.

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Booking A House Removal Service

When booking a house removal in Leicester you want to be sure that you are going to receive a professional service, along with the care and support you need when moving your furniture to a new home. It will be easy for you to decide and choose your removals company based on how professional and helpful they were when completing your home removal survey.

When booking a removals services you want to be sure that your removals company will have all the resources and tools in place to execute a successful removal. Depending on the size of your home and the volume of furniture you have will depend on how much you house removal will cost. If booking a house removal on its own this means that your removal company may not complete other services at your home, unless further payments are made. Beare this in mind when booking your removal services as you don’t like surprise on your removals day and neither does your removals company.

Being fair and upfront with your removals company is very important and ensures that you get exactly what you need and ask for. If you need wardrobe boxes for your best suits, let your removals company know in advance so they can best prepare and organize your home move.

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Pianos Removals & Moving Specialist Items

Many people moving home have pianos or a specialist items that requires a specialist company and team to ensure that it is relocated safely. For moving pianos you will need a specialist piano moving team along with piano skids and shoes to move uprights and grand pianos safely. Grand pianos are extremely heavy and can weight up to 500 1200 lbs and 4 foot 6 inches to 6 foot 6 inches in length. Even if you had 10 strong removal men, without the right piano moving equipment and experienced movers your piano is at risk of getting damage.

Always let your removals company know in advance of any items or bulky furniture you have that may be awkward to move or lift. Letting them know early will mean they can have all the resources in place to ensure your pianos and specialist items are relocated efficiently and in a professional manner.

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