6 Things You Must Do For House Removals in Walsall

Get expert tips and advice on the 6 Things You Must Do For House Removals in Walsall. Moving home is known to be a stressful and at times an emotional event for many home movers when relocating to a new home with a lot of furniture. With so much to think about and do when moving home it can become easy to forget the most important but simple tasks. Luckily we have provided this helpful guide about the 6 things you must do when moving house and preparing for your house removal in Walsall.

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6 Things You Must Do For House Removals in Walsall

Decide what to take with you to the new home

This is a great opportunity to go room by room, looking through all your belongings and furniture making the decision on which items you would like to take with you to the new home. If moving with a lot furniture from a large family home, the last thing you want to do is relocate items and furniture that are damaged, you will not use or don’t want any more.

Instead make 3 lists. 1 for all the items you want to keep and take with you to the new home. 2 Will be for all the items and furniture you wish to donate to your local charities. 3 Can be for all the items that are beyond repair and must go for recycling at a registered recycling facility.

List 1 can be used as an inventory to provide information about the furniture and belongings you have to be moved to your 3 removal companies when getting a removal quote.

Find a removals company that meets your exact needs and requirements

The following tips on the 6 things to do for house removals in Walsall will make finding a removal company stress free and simple.

When searching for removal companies in Walsall you will want to select from 3 of the best moving companies that cover your area and post codes. Many removal companies have different terms and conditions regarding the services they offer, give your self enough time to read through these terms and conditions to find any clauses so you can make arrangements or choose another if necessary.

Booking your move at the last-minute can become a costly experience for some people as the don’t have the time they need to read through their contract properly. This can result in disputes with the removals company or extra charges accruing.

Remember always give your self at least 2 months when search for removal companies in Walsall. This will be enough time to dig out the perfect removal company that meets your exact requirements when moving home in Walsall or the surrounding towns and villages of the West Midlands.

Notify the right people and service providers that you will be moving home

One of the worst things that can happen when moving home is forgetting to notify your services providers or people you know that you are moving. This is an important process of your house removal when moving home in Walsall and can stop you from becoming a victim in many ways.

Worst case scenario you for get to notify Royal Mail of your move. This will mean that all of your important letters documents and personal details will be landing in the hands of the new home owner which could lead to you becoming a victim of identity fraud. The best thing to do is contact all your providers as soon as you are aware you are moving

List of organisations you may need to contact when moving home – Services & Utilities





Post office

]Cable/satellite and internet service providers

TV/video rental companies

TV licensing



Building societies

Council tax department

National savings and premium bonds

Your employer

Insurance companies

Pension companies

Inland revenue

Social security








Breakdown recovery company

Vehicle registration

Vehicle insurance


Friends and relatives


Milk delivery


Sports club



Explore your new location & area 


Situated just 8 miles north from Birmingham City and only 6 miles East of Wolverhampton, Walsall Town has become an increasingly popular destination for commuters who work in the City. Walsall also offers great transport links with the Town being home to Walsall Bus Station and Walsall Train Station both with direct links to the City. With the M6 and M1 both passing through Walsall the Town is extremely well-connected within the UK road network.


If you are planning a move to Walsall with a family that has children the town a variety of  Schools that also make the area an attractive option. Some of these Schools include: Butts Primary School, St Mary’s The Mount Catholic School, Queen Mary’s High School, Blue Coat Church Of England Academy  and Elmwood Secondary School. Walsall Town is also home to Walsall College and is extremely close to the University of Wolverhampton.

 Shops / Amenities 

Whether you enjoy a good shopping spree or just need the everyday essentials Walsall has a huge number of Brand name and independent shops. The Town boasts 3 Shopping Centres including the famous Saddlers Shopping Centre that is home to a variety of shops and cafes including: Claire’s Accessories , Select Clothing, Warren James, Costa Coffee, Chopstix and Burger King. The Town also houses a number of Supermarkets such as: Morrisons, Sainsburys & a Tesco Express.

Pick your house removal services

There are a number of additional tasks besides the house removal its self that will need to be completed before and after your house removal in Walsall. It is up to you to decide which of these tasks that you will complete yourself and which tasks you would like your removal company to complete for you. These tasks could include:

Home Packing

Packing the contents of your home can be a tricky and time-consuming task , if you do decide to pack yourself then starting well in advance is a good idea. Start with rooms / items you do not use on a daily basis ie: Sheds, Lofts and Cupboards etc. Having the correct, high quality packing materials is also an essential. Alternatively you could sit back and relax whilst your house removal company take care of the packing.

Dismantling & Assembly

Dismantling and resembling your furniture is always easier than it looks. Having your removal company take care of this will give you the peace of mind that your items will be carefully taken apart and put back together correctly and safely. If you do decide to tackle this yourself make sure all screws and bolts are kept safe ready for reassembling.

House Clearance

A house clearance is an important part of the 6 things to do for house removals in Walsall.

This is the time to clear away all of your unused or unwanted items. A house clearance service in Walsall can be arranged before or after your removal takes place. Having a home clearance before your move will not only declutter your home but also save on the expense of your house removal in Walsall.

Be prepared for removal day – tips & advice

  • If packing your self be sure to have every thing packed and boxed by moving day. Many removal companies in Walsall may not move the items if it is not correctly packed or boxed. This also applies to dismantling your items. All items you are dismantling your self will need to have bolts and screws taken out and all pieces packed and ready for transportation to the new home
  • When moving house with children in Walsall it may be a good idea to arrange for close family or relatives (usually grand parents) to take them out for the day to the park or local leisure centre. This will give you the time you need to focus on your move and delegate to your movers where you would like furniture to be placed
  • Elderly and moving home in Walsall. If you are elderly and moving home you may want to have a family member or care worker to support you while the move is under way. For many elderly people, moving home is some thing they might never have planned for. Now they are faced with moving out of the family home they have spent their entire life in that holds a life time of memories. Some removal companies can carry out your services with out you being present this will help to save on the emotion stress moving home can cause.

We hope this article on the 6 Things You Must Do For House Removals in Walsall has helped to make things a little easier for you when moving home. If your require any further help we are just one phone call away.

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