Moving with children. Follow our 6 Tips for Moving from Leicester with Kids Stress-Free

Been living in Leicester for quite some time, but now you have decided to move elsewhere. Maybe you got a promotion. Or, perhaps you found that perfect home for you and your family. However, even though you are sure that better times lie ahead, you are still nervous and anxious about your children, right? Of course! Every parent knows that moving with children can quickly turn into a nightmare. In addition to all the moving-related tasks you have to finish, you still must put your child’s needs first and do everything in your power to ensure a smooth relocation for everybody. Still, there is no reason to worry – that is why we are here. We will share with you six tips for moving from Leicester with kids stress-free. Thus, if this is something that may interest you, keep on reading.

1. Have a Family Meeting

First things first, call for a family meeting! Family meetings are of crucial importance when moving with children. Thus, as soon as you decide on your moving date, order some pizza, or prepare your family’s favourite meal, sit down and start talking. It is essential to explain to your little ones why you have decided to start over in a new country and how your family will benefit from it. At first, they will probably be shocked, so prepare for some quarrels and even tears. If this happens, try to focus on all the positive aspects of this move. Later on, when the situation calms down, try to discuss the details of the move together. Moreover, try to involve your children in the moving process itself. It will keep their minds off relocation and make them feel important.

2. Find a New Home Before Moving!

Once everybody from your family is on the same page, it is time to start looking for your new home. It is crucial to do this before moving from Leicester with kids. Otherwise, you will end up living an even bigger nightmare. Just imagine the scenario of living in a hotel and keeping all of your stuff in a storage unit while juggling children, work, and home search. Save yourself from that horror story and start looking for your new home ahead of time.

It would be a good idea to involve your children in this process too (if, of course, they are old enough)! For example, you can look at different homes together, decide on the room layout, etc. As previously mentioned, this will make them feel involved in this process and maybe even make them feel excited about moving.

3. Purge Before Packing

When you and your children find your new dream home in Leicester, it is time for packing. But, before you start with that, we strongly recommend decluttering! You need to purge before packing if you want to save time, energy, and, naturally, money on your upcoming move. Like all families, yours, too, is probably living in a home that is crammed with items nobody uses anymore. Do yourself a favour and get rid of those. For that, you have several options:

  • Donate to a local charity
  • Give to friends or other family members that may want it
  • Organise a yard/garage sale
  • Sell online
  • Throw Away

However, before you do any of this, in other words, before you get rid of the items you think are not necessary anymore, have another family meeting. Trust us, you do not want to throw away your wife’s favourite shoes or your child’s favourite toy. Try to ‘purge’ together. Only then will you have a smooth home packing process when usingĀ  this guide The Best 6 Tips for Moving from Leicester with Kids Stress-Free.

4. Find a New School Together

One of the most prominent fears children have is being a ‘new kid.’ They are leaving their school, friends, and teachers and going somewhere entirely new. Understandably, they feel scared, anxious, and angry. But, you as a parent should not let your child feel this way for too long. Thus, address this issue from day one. Talk to your children, listen to them, allow them to express their concerns and fears. Once you hear them out, do everything in your power to make them feel secure. The best way to do that is to prepare your children for their new school. Start by looking at different schools together. Then, when you find that perfect school, visit it together. Talk to the teacher and the principal. It will show your children that there is nothing scary about the new school and, hopefully, ease the transfer.

5. Organise a ‘Leaving’ Party

Before you leave Leicester for good, it might be a good idea to throw a ‘Goodbye’ party for your children. Give them a chance to say goodbye to all their friends. You do not have to organise anything huge. Just let your children call anybody they want, buy some snacks, and let them play around. If your children are a bit older, you can leave this project to them. Put them in charge of the ‘Leaving Party’ project. It will keep them occupied and let you deal with the home removal project in peace.

6. Explore Your New Neighbourhood

Finally, it is all over. You have left Leicester. Once you have unpacked and settled in, go with your family on an exploration trip around your new neighbourhood. There is nothing wrong with being touristy. It will make your children feel excited and maybe even help them make some new friends. Thus, start by taking a stroll around the neighbourhood. Check out the park if there is one. Meet your neighbours as well. And, when you have seen all that your new community has to offer, check out the city. You can ‘google’ all the family-friendly activities it offers and try some of them out. Your children will undoubtedly appreciate it a lot more than just sitting at home alone amongst all those boxes. Hopefully, some (or all) these tips will ease the process of moving from Leicester with kids.

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6 Tips for Moving from Leicester with Kids Stress-Free

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