Relocating your business premises find 7 tips for moving your business to a new location

Moving your business and office furniture to a new location, requires a considerable amount of planning and organising. You will also need to request the assistance of a reputable office moving company, to carry out all tasks like packing, loading and transporting. Below we have listed a guide on the 7 Tips for moving your business to a new location when relocating.

7 Tips for moving your business to a new location

How to move your business effectively & efficiently

1. Create a plan of action

Prior to the removal day you will need to make a plan of action on the best way to conduct your move. You will need to liaise with your work force and your removal company to discuss all moving options. You may want to arrange for your movers to complete a site visit as they can provide expert moving advice for you and your team.

2. Request your movers to complete a site visit

To give you some idea of what your business move involves it is wise to obtain a site visit of your premises. Your moving company will make a list of all the services you require for a safe, secure and stress free relocation. Your moving companies main priority when relocating your business is to reduce the down time and ensure the least disruptions to day to day operations.

3. Arrange for your phone lines to be connected at the new business address

One of the most important tasks you will need to do when moving home is disconnect your old phone lines, It equipment, broadband and connections. This will need to be done once you have finally shut the doors on the old business. Notify your broadband, phone line and electricity suppliers of your business move and when you will need your connections set up at the new business address. It is a good idea to keep the same business contact numbers as your old location. You can get your IT connections set by using a specialist Server and IT installer.

4. Examine the business space you already have

Give your self enough time to estimate the office space you will need once at the new premises. You may need to reschedule your work area to fit larger office items. Examining your office space could save you money, as you may not need to move after all. With a prior organisation and planning you could refit your subsequent office space to suit your needs and demands. This is an option all business owners should look in to before forking out capital for a new business premises.

5. Schedule the move out of working hours

If you want the least disruption to the day to day running of your business, then it can be a good idea for it to be complete over the weekend or holidays. This will give you the time you and your business needs for the move to be a success.

6. Start to notify your customers and vendors

Notify you clients 4 weeks before moving office space. It is vital that you start to prepare your customers for your business move ahead of time. Send cards, emails and update your website. Leave a poster on the old business explaining the new location and opening times and make calls to your clients letting them know your business is relocating. This way you can open for business as usual on the big day. Open the doors to your new business and welcome your customers and vendors to see your new location.

7. Hire professional business movers for your move

Prior to the big day you will want to hire a professional business relocation company. Call around for the best company and quotes to assist you with your demands. Many business removal companies will offer a

  • Office Removals
  • Office Packing
  • Dismantling Office Furniture
  • Office Clearance
  • Office Packaging and much more

Need help moving your business to a new location

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