Arranging a house clearance when moving house in Northamptonshire can help to save money on your move

The best way to cut those removal cost is to arrange a house clearance service. A house clearance will reduce the amount of furniture you have. One of the ways removal companies quote for their move is by the volume of furniture you have to be relocated to your new home. Arranging a house clearance when moving house in Northamptonshire will ensure that all your old, tatty, worn and unused furniture will not end up cluttering your new home and also help to reduce the volume of furniture.

Rooms that may require a house clearance

From old christmas decorations, to old clothes that no longer fit there are many rooms with your home that require a house clearance

Attic / Loft

The attic / Loft is a great place to start the house clearance process. Over the years many items are stored and forgotten, until its time to move. Go through every thing, decide what is important to you and what you can donate, sell or recycle.

Cellar  / Basement

The cellar / basement is another place within our home we tend to store and horde furniture and belongings, that are no longer used, wanted or required.

Garage / Shed

The shed and garage is the most easiest place to store and leave clutter, out of sight and out of mind, until we require the use of the garage again or sell our homes. This extra space should be used wisely and not to store old items, clogging the use of the garage or shed.

Avoid clogging your new home with unwanted items & furniture

Rather than taking any more unwanted items to your new home or leaving them for the estate agent or landlord it is best to arrange a house clearance. If renting your home, having a house clearance will help to avoid any fines or loss of deposit, as landlords and estate agents will always want the property back in the exact condition it was rented.

It’s important that when selling your home it is cleared of all clutter to secure a confident home sale.

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