The Perfect Guide On How To Avoid Waiting For Your New House Keys When Moving Home

What to do if you want to avoid waiting for your new house keys on removals day

Avoid The Stress Of Waiting For Your New House Keys

If your want to avoid waiting for your keys on removal day our simple tips and advice will help you get through the stressful time of moving. The most annoying thing is when clients are left sitting their, for hours out side their new home, as the estate agents and solicitors have gone off for dinner, usually from 1 pm till 2 pm.

If you have not receive the call by your agents or your solicitors that the keys are ready for collection by 1 pm then you will likely receive them around 2-3 o’clock which can be a major issue, especially if the moving truck turns up to off load. The following guide on how to avoid waiting for your new house keys when moving home will help to ensure you stay on top and are not left waiting for long periods of time, especially when moving with small children or a large family.

When Will The Estate Agents Release The New House Keys

Most estate agents will not release the new house keys to the new home-buyers before the completion is complete and all contracts and paper work have been signed. This can be a problem if your movers have already loaded and you go to pick up the keys for your new home early.

Notify Your House Removals Company If You Will Not Have Keys On Time

As a home-buyer or mover you may be faced with sitting around waiting for long periods of time for the new house keys to be released, with the removal van on their way, or worse, sometimes sat on the drive waiting to unload. It is best to notify your house removals company as soon as possible if you have not got the keys to your new home by removal day, as they may rearrange the timing with you to avoid the long wait

Be Prepared To Leave Property Before New Home Owner Arrives

In practice most completions happen around dinner time, if you anticipate being in your home, still packing, beyond this time it could cause a problem, with your home buyer arriving with their removal van and keys, because they now own the property! This can be distressing for all parties. Therefore, it is wise to aim to be packed and gone by mid/late morning and, with larger properties, some removal firms may want to pack or start packing the day before your actual move, which can make the whole process run more smoothly on removals day.

Find Your Position In The Moving Chain

Depending on how many people are moving home within your chain, will depend on how long your new house keys will be released. For example if you are 1st or 2nd you may receive your new house keys, all in good timing which could be, before the estate agents go off for dinner at 1pm. The lower in the moving chain you are 4th and 5th then you could experience delays with the new house keys, especially if you are moving home on a Friday, as this is  when the estate agents and solicitors are most busy. If you are moving in a chain, start by asking your estate agents and solicitors what place you are in and how long it will take before your new home can be moved into.


The completion process is the day your money is transferred into the relevant accounts and the keys for your new home will be released. As the money will be transferred to several accounts it is important to ensure that it arrives to the buyers solicitor from your mortgage provider on time. The deadline for the monies to be transferred is 3 pm or the transaction will have to wait for the following working day. This could prove to be a nightmare for home movers as they are left with no home and are forced to seek a hotel.

Make Regular Calls To Estate Agents & Solicitors

We would always recommend checking with your solicitors and estate agents as to what time of day he or she expects legal completion to be complete. Often, with a short chain, this can be early in the morning or as late as 4:30 pm. Conversely, if there are several properties involved in the moving process, this can take some time, even into the late afternoon in some cases. Through our experience the majority of our customers receive their keys at around 2:30 pm or 3 pm.

Remember To Leave Keys Behind

Before moving day, make sure you know what you’re supposed to do with the old house keys. If you’re renting, make arrangements with your land lord to collect the keys, if you own your home, remember to check with the real estate agent or the new home owners.

Also collect all copies of the keys beforehand; from your children, spouse, friends or relatives. Have them ready for the new home owners. And don’t forget to have the keys to your new home ready when you arrive. Having movers waiting to move you into a new space while you try to track down the new house keys, may cost you extra.

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