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Moving house and searching for reliable house removal companies in Birmingham. That will assist you with your move, helping you to successfully relocate your furniture from one home to another. If so, listed below is all the information you need to know about how to find Birmingham removal companies for your home move.

Below we have listed some helpful tips you can use, to help you to find a safe, reliable and professional house removals firm when moving in Birmingham or the West Midlands.

  • Speak to friends and family who have moved home in the past, is a good way to find a Birmingham removal firm. They may have used a reliable Birmingham removals company, that they could recommend on to you.
  • Scroll the internet for house removal reviews, for removal companies in Birmingham is also a great way to locate a good moving firm. Birmingham has 1000s of moving companies, that specialise in so many different services. This way you can choose the from 3 most rated companies. Removal reviews are a good source of removal information. As they provide detailed advice about the whole move and are written by original customers, that have used the removal company in the past.
  • Check the About Us Page on the companies website. Many removal companies are listed online and will have an About Us page, explaining who they are and what they can do. This way you can see exactly how long they have been trading for. Where they are based. How many branches they have in Birmingham. Number of vehicles and members of staff they have. The About Us page, can provide a lot of detailed info about the Birmingham house removals company you wish to choose.

Clear all clutter before your Birmingham removal takes place

If you have lived in your house in Birmingham for over 40 years. Then the chances are, you will have accumulated a lot of furniture and belongings. This is where you will need the help of a professional house removals companies in Birmingham or across the West Midlands. Your chosen removals company, will calculate the furniture you have to be moved, by the weight. The weight is calculated in cubic feet – CF. So, to keep your removal cost in Birmingham as low as possible. It may be a good idea to start disposing of all old, tatty and worn out furniture, prior to removals day. Some Birmingham removal companies will offer a full house clearance service, to assist you with clearing your items.

Below are some things you can do with your old, worn out furniture

  • Give to family or friends
  • Donate to charities
  • Sell at a car boot
  • Arrange a garage sale
  • Send to recycling facilities

Some of the above ideas, can also help you earn back some money, to help pay towards your house removal in Birmingham or eles where in the West Midlands region.

Be sure your home is packed in time for your Birmingham moving company

When doing your own home packing. It is important that you have, all items fully packed and all boxes sealed and labeled in time for when your Birmingham movers arrive. Time moves fast. Removal days can be very busy. So it is courteous not to let your Birmingham home movers wait long periods, while you finish off packing up the last bits. We recommend that you start packing, at leats 8 weeks prior to moving home in Birmingham. Especially when moving from a large 5-6 bedroom house. The best removal boxes for moving home will be double wall boxes. These boxes are much stronger and durable. Pack just a few boxes per day. Don’t over do it, on the work load. Plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time. As a professional removals company operating within Birmingham, we can arrange for a 6 – 7 man home packing and moving team. Ensuring your home is packed safely, efficiently and quickly. Sometimes packing and moving 3-4 bedroom homes all within the same day.

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Moving home in Birmingham – How to get the best house removal quotes

To get the most cost-effective house removals quote for your home move in Birmingham, you will need to show your Birmingham moving company, exactly what furniture you are hoping to be move to the new home. Now, there are a number of ways you can do this. You can either

  • Invite your movers around to complete a Home Survey. This is usually a free service that moving companies in Birmingham will offer, to obtain the details needed for a moving quote.
  • Offer a Video Survey to show the movers through your mobile device, the house and its contents. This is the more convenient method that removal companies have adapted, during the Covid 19 crisis. Many removal companies, have opted out of offering FREE Home Surveys to customers, during the pandemic that we are in.
  • Providing a house removal inventory. If none of the above can not be completed, then you can provide your Birmingham removals company with a list of all the items, you plan to be moved to the new home. You will need to list both addresses, as well as all the requirements and services you would like to receive.

Affordable house removal services for people moving house in Birmingham

When moving home you are in full control of what services you would like your Birmingham movers to complete. It’s your home move, so we let you decide, how little or how much help you think you’ll need. Many Birmingham removal companies like MnM Removals are experts, with in the removals industry and really go above and beyond, to offer stress free, affordable removal services. Take a look at some of the removal services, you can choose and how they can benefit you and your move.

  1. House Removals – You will have a friendly and professional team. That will load, and unload all of your furniture safely into the rooms of your choice within the new home. You will not need to lift a single finger.
  2. Home Packing & Unpacking – Sit back, relax and leave the hard work to our dedicated home packing team. We will offer all packaging and removal boxes. To ensure your home belongings and contents are packed to the highest standards.
  3. Home Furniture Clearance – Need to clear the old furniture and clutter from your home. As mentioned early. Hiring an expert furniture clearance team, will help you to dispose of those large bulky and awkward items. Many items that have fire labels and are in a good working condition, may be sent to a new home.
  4. Storage – If you require self storage facilities in Birmingham, then your chosen movers will be able to help. Most removals companies across Birmingham provide self storage units and shipping container storage, to assist clients that need somewhere safe to store belongings for long periods of time.
  5. Dismantling & Assembling – Dismantling is a time consuming task, even for the professionals. Hiring a removal company to do the dismantling of beds, and wardrobes will help save you time. That you need to focus on the more important task involved with moving home in Birmingham.
  6. Piano Removals and more – Pianos are extremely heavy items that require specialist piano movers in Birmingham to move them effectively. Piano movers have the correct tools, vehicles and man power to ensure pianos are transported safely to the new destination. If you are faced with moving an upright, baby or grand piano, simply get in touch with our specialist piano moving team here at MnM Removals.

Moving costs for house removals in Birmingham West Midlands

The cost of your house removal will vary from move to move. So will other removal companies quotes, differ greatly from one another. This is why getting 3 removal quotes for your house removal in Birmingham is so important. Below we have set out some example quotations, on what you could be expected to pay for your home move.  Below is a list of the prices your Birmingham house movers – Trusted removals company in Birmingham could charge.

  • 1-2 bedroom house moving in Birmingham within 10 miles. You could pay £370 £450 for the removals. Plus £250 for the packing.
  • 3-4 bedroom house removal within 10 miles. You could pay £489 £600 for the move. Plus £390 for the packing
  • 5-6 bedroom house move within 10 miles. You could pay £745 £1100 for the move. Plus £700 for the packing of your home.

Planning a home relocation in Birmingham, West Midlands

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide on Birmingham house movers – Trusted removals company in Birmingham. If moving in the West Midlands. Contact MnM Removals today for a free moving quote. We provide a friendly team of expert home packing and house removal agents, that make house removals simple and stress free.

Looking for home movers & packers in Birmingham

Moving is by far one of the most stressful things you may need to arrange in your life. Especially when moving from or within a big city like Birmingham or in the West Midlands. When moving home in Birmingham, you will want to know your home move is in the best of hands and care.This is where MnM Removals can help. We are a reliable, trusting, fast, friendly and professional home moving and packing company, offering affordable quotes for families, professionals, businesses, the elderly and people with disabilities when relocating to a new place in Birmingham or the West Midlands.

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