Business Records Management & Archive storage Leicestershire

Is your business running out of space to store your business records and archive files and documents, if so MnM Removals has the perfect solutions for your exact needs. We ensure all business documents and files are kept in perfect order using our Business Records Management & Archive storage facility.

Hassle Free, Effective & Convenient Business Records Management & Archive Storage Facility

What Organisations do we work with?

We store business records and archive files for many business within Leicestershire. Our removals company can store business documents for all types of offices and organizations, a few which include:

  • Legal Firms / Accountants
  • Medical / Healthcare
  • Estate Agents / Land lords
  • Councils / Schools / Colleges

How long can i store my business records for?

Our Business Records Management and Archive storage facility will allow you to store items professionally for as long as you may need, whether that be 1, 2 or 3 years. You decide exactly what date and time you would like to have your business documents delivered, or collected.

What is the storage facility like?

The storage facility is the state of the art building, fitted with the latest cctv, intruder alarms, fire alarms and fire detectors to ensure all business documents are kept safe, whilst in our hands and care.

Unlike many business storage companies out there we don’t just cram your most important documents into wooden crates, instead we go that extra, ensure your items are stored between solid steal walls and concrete floors, to reduce risk of fire spreading from compartment to compartment.

Can i gain access to my business records and archive files?

Business clients are able to visit the storage facility as many times as you like and at any time during working hours, Mon – Sun. All business clients will have full control of their storage room, along with electronic key access for coded main doors, that lead into the storage facility.

To find out more about our business records management and archive storage