How to childproof your home following a house removal in Leicester in 4 easy steps

If you have recently moved home with a baby or toddler than this could be a very stressful time. Ensuring that you childproof your home following a house removal in Leicester will give you some peace of mind that your little one is safe and sound in your new home.

Once you have arrived in your new home and the removal company have left you will be faced with a pile of  removal boxes and tasks to complete. This can be a very hazardous time for baby’s and toddlers. By childproofing your new home you will be creating a safe and calm environment for you baby / toddler to grow and learn in their new surroundings.

The following Steps have been put together to help you to childproof your home following a house removal in Leicester.

Step 1  : Child’s Bedroom

As this is the room that your baby or toddler will probably spend the most of their time in it is important to ensure that you take extra care when childproofing this room .

Beds / Cots – Ensure that the bed or cot that your child sleeps in has a clean firm mattress with a fitted sheet. do not place too many additional blankets and soft toys in the bed or cot as this can increase the risk of suffocation. Ensure that the room is not overly hot as babies and toddlers need a cool and calm environment.

Changing tables / Draws – If you decide to have a changing table or a chest of draws in the baby /toddlers bedroom then you should always secure the items firmly to the wall. This will ensure that the items will not tip or fall.

Windows – Windows are always a potential hazard and it is advisable to have window safety latches / guards on the window, especially as your baby becomes a toddler. We all know how toddlers love to explore. It is also advisable to fit curtains or blinds with no ties or loose cords, this will eliminate the risk of strangulation.

Flooring – When considering the flooring options for your baby / toddlers room carpet would be the best choice. The thicker the carpet the better, this will give some protection if a trip or fall did occur.

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Step 2  : Kitchen

The kitchen may be one of the most tempting rooms to your child, as toddlers start to grow and explore their surrounding it is extremely important to childproof your home following a house removal in Leicester.

Cupboards / Draws – Kitchen cupboards and draws are a popular cause of trapped fingers and should be locked or secured using child locks whenever possible.

Cleaning Products – Cleaning products are extremely hazardous and should be kept out of reach of babies and toddlers at all times.  This includes washing powders, detergents and fabric softeners. liquid tabs are especially appealing to young children but are very dangerous if swallowed or gets in the eyes.

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Step 3  : Living Room

Many of the potential dangers in the living room are hidden dangers and may not be so easy to identify. Below we will identify some of these potential dangers to help you childproof your living room following a house removal in Leicester.

TVs  – Although the TV seems innocent and can provide hours of entertainment to babies and toddlers it is also one of the biggest hazards in the living room. As a parent you will be familiar with wiping dirty hand prints from your TV screen, ensure that your TV is securely attached or mounted to the wall. A falling TV can be very harmful to a small baby or toddler.

Bookcase / Furniture – As with the TV it is important to make sure that all free standing furniture is secure and will not fall or tip if your baby or toddler pulls or leans against it.

Remote controls – Every living room will usually have at least 1 remote control. All babies and toddlers enjoy pressing the buttons and playing with the remotes. This may seem harmless however the majority of remote controls will be battery powered, batteries can be very harmful if swallowed chewed or sucked by a baby or toddler.

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Step 4  : Bathroom

Our last room to childproof following a house removal in Leicester will be the Bathroom. The bathroom is the room where accidental scalds and burns are common along with slips and falls.

Baths – Remember that the bath tub can be a lethal place for babies and toddlers. Always use a baby bath for young babies and rubber mats for toddlers. NEVER leave your child unattended in the bath tub if you need to leave the room take your child with you. It is also important to always check the water temperature before putting your baby or toddler into the tub.

Cabinets – Many bathrooms will contain the medicine cabinet or a cleaning cupboard. Keep all medicines and claening products out of reach or your child. Use door locks if required.

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Additional hazardous found around the home

Plug Sockets – Use electrical point protectors throughout your home to eliminate the risk of electrocution.

Stairs – Stair gates should be in place around your home to avoid falls. Keeps stairs and hallways well lit to avoid accidents .

Corners – Sharp corners are all around our homes. Consider using corner protectors as your toddler starts to explore to avoid bumps and bruises.

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Items to help childproof your home following a house removal in Leicester 

chils safety plugs

Child safety plug socket covers are a cheap and effective solution to keeping fingers out of plug holes

cupboard locks

Cupboard locks are a quick and in expensive way to avoid trapped fingers

stair gate

Stair gates give you peace of mind that your child is safe and sound

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