We have the best solution for you when it comes to finding out how to choose the right mortgage. Thinking of buying a home is one of the most valuable and expensive purchases you will ever make in your life.

There are so many different mortgages to choose from it’s hard to choose the right one to suit your life style and needs, planning how to choose the right mortgage is esential  you have to be positive that you are getting the right mortgage tailored to your exact needs. A Mortgage advisor will check your personal financial circumstances and find you a suited mortgage that you can afford to pay.

 You will need to consider the repayment methods that you are comfortable with paying:

Choose the right mortgage

Choose the right mortgage

  • Deposits – depending on the amount of capital you put down on your property will determine the kind of mortgage deal you will be offered, the more capital as a deposit means cheaper monthly payments. Interest payments will be cheaper with a 75% mortgage compared to 100% mortgage.
  • Repayments – when using a repayment mortgage the payments you will make will pay to your lender are for the interest and the capital for the amount of capital you have borrowed. The reason this mortgage is used a lot  by most people is purely because they will get the reassurance when the agreement comes to an end you will not owe any more capital.
  • Interest only – when using a interest only repayment, the payments you make will only cover the repayments for the interest only (from the amount of capital borrowed). making your monthly payments much cheaper and at the same time you will still owe for the capital borrowed.
Choose the right mortgage

How to choose the right mortgage?

When you go ahead with a mortgage it is best to check the percentage fees, most rates available will come with percentage fees of up to 2.5%.

So for £150,000 mortgage you may need to pay £3,750 as these fees are high you will need to check exactly what you will have to pay.

The other things you will need to consider are the amount you want to borrow, which type of property you will buy, most importantly your future plans, all of these will play a big part on the type of mortgage that best suits you.

Mortgage lenders have become on edge since the country has gone into a  recession, always seek the advice of a professional Mortgage advisor who operates with other lenders and know where to get you the best deals from the start.

Make a plan for how you are going to pay the cost of the mortgage, its best to be prepared. Some lenders will take a upfront payment, and many other lenders will just spread the cost through the loan. It will mainly depends on your circumstances and how you would like to pay.

Mortgage deals will have you tied in to the mortgage for sometime, leaving the mortgage early could result in you being hit by the redemption penalty, double check how long you are tied in for, think how things in your life may change in a few years, redemption penalties are high and you would not want to lose any more money than you would have to.

 Questions home owners ask when trying to choose the right morgage-Fixed – Variable?

Choose the right mortgage

How to choose the right mortgage?


Variable mortgage – is the way to get a lower rate for now, but in the future your monthly payments will rise when the base rate does, however if you are very positive that the rates and monthly payments will stay for sometime and that you will be able to deal with the increased base rates when they are increased, if they are. Your mortgage advisor will advice you about these options.  If you decide to use a variable mortgage you hardly ever get tied in for a fixed time, giving you the option to switch mortgages with out the early repayment charges, incase something better comes later on.

Fixed mortgage – some mortgage lenders  run a very flexible payment scheme, giving you the opportunity to over pay and under pay on your monthly repayments every month, this is good if your monthly wages go up or you get a bonus from work or if income flucutates. Overpaying your monthly payments will instantly reduce the balance on the mortgage.

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