Thinking of Moving home? This guide on the “Tips for Choosing a Leicestershire Moving Company – What you need to know!” Will help to ensure you make the right move.

If you are moving then you will be at the stage of looking for a reliable firm to help you move. Our guide on Tips for Choosing a Leicestershire Moving Company – What you need to know! will help to shine some light on the important things to be aware of and too look out for when choosing a Leicestershire moving company. Time is everything when moving. Having spent months of looking for a new home, the last thing you need is to spend hours looking for a Leicester moving company to complete your move. Choose from at least 3 top best removal companies.

1. How to find a trustworthy Leicestershire Moving Company

One of the best places to start your search for a Leicestershire moving company is to check with friends or family. Your companions may have used a moving company in the past and can recommend a good moving company to you. Other ways that you can find a quality moving company is to go online and search for removal companies near me. This will bring up a list of all the moving companies in Leicestershire for you to choose from. Remember. Man and van  removals in Leicestershire offer furniture removals, but may not complete a full packing, dismantling, nor provide boxes and packaging. Many man and van removals will charge by the hour.

2. Request a free Home Survey

You will want your moving company to come out to your home to see all furniture, rather than quoting over the phone. Your moving company will provide a free home survey that will carried out by a move coordinator. Your move coordinator will list the furniture to be moved. Assess the access to the property, as well as providing expert moving advice for your move.

3. How to get the best quotes from your moving company

The rule is to obtain 3 removal quotes when moving home. This is so you can get a chance to get the best price for your move and find the best out of 3 Leicestershire moving companies to assist with your move. Your quote should be in writing and include all the removal services you have chosen, along with the price for each service. To get a full understanding of the costs of your home move. You should have a full break down of all the costs involved prior to booking in your move. This way you will know exactly where you stand when booking your move with a Leicestershire moving company.

To provide a fair and accurate quotation your moving company will need to have a full understanding of what your move involves. Your quote will be based on a few major factors. Some of which include:

  • The services you require
  • The distance of travel to the new home
  • Tolls, permit or parking fees
  • How difficult the access to the property is
  • The number of movers and size of vehicle

The above is just a small section of information needed to provide people moving house with a fair quote. You can use your quote to compare the level of service and prices amongst your preferred moving companies in Leicestershire.

4. Instructing your Leicetsrehire Moving Company

Although you have made the right choice in choosing a Leicestershire Moving Company. It always pays to notify them of any sentimental items that you want specially taken care of. This way your moving team will ensure they packaged and kept safe. You may want to let them know of any items that may be damaged before they start the moving. Once the moving team arrives in the morning show them all the furniture to be moved and then leave them to get on with the work. Don’t go too far, incase the movers need to ask a question.

5. How much does a Leicestershire moving company cost

Here you find the estimated moving costs for house removals in Leicestershire

1 bedroom flat – £455 for removals + £140 for packing

2 bedroom house or flat – £564 for removals + £170 for packing

3 bedroom house £655 for removals + £200 for packing

4 bedroom house £735 for removals + £250 for packing

5 bedroom house £800 for removals £325 for packing

Please do not use these as a genuine quotation. The above prices are just guidelines to give an indication of what the moving cost are likely to be when moving house in Leicestershire.

6. Check for reviews

Another great way to explore the reliability of your moving company is to look for the reviews. The removal reviews are explanations from other clients that have used the company before. Reviews will tell you if your moving company completes good work for its clients or bad. You will want to avoid moving companies with loads of bad reviews.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on Tips for Choosing a Leicestershire Moving Company when moving home. To get a quick quote please see our removal inventory below.

If you re in urgent need of a Leicestershire moving company or moving from a long distance away you can fill in our house removals inventory.  once submitted the form is sent back to MnM Removals. This way we can quote for your move all with in the same day. If you would like a home survey or for us to complete a video survey please leave our agents a message.

Tips for Choosing a Leicestershire Moving Company

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