Moving Home – Choosing A Removal Company For House Removals – What You Need To Know

14 Tips On How To Chose A Professional Removal Company

One of the main task involved when moving home as well as buying a house, finding an estate agent and a solicitor, is finding and choosing a removal company for house removals when moving your furniture to a new home. This can be a complex task with all the moving companies in the UK how do you know which one will be right for you and which company you can count on to conduct a quality move and services. Listed Below are some of the important things you should consider when choosing a removal company for house removals whether moving home in the UK or moving to Europe.

Find Every Thing You Need To Know About Choosing A Removals Company For House Removals When Moving Home In The UK

  1. It is always a good idea to plan ahead when choosing a removal company for house removals. If possible have your move booked way before the completion of your property. Many removal companies get really busy booking customers months in advance so be sure to have your removal date confirmed and booked in.
  2. Get 3 house removal quotes from other moving companies in your local area. This way you can compare between the removal companies and decide on which out of the 3 companies best meet your needs and requirements. You will also want to be sure they respond to your query quickly and professionally.
  3. Choosing a removal company for your house removals that is based locally to your area, will ensure that your move can be carried out more efficiently. Larger removal companies have bases plotted all over the UK and can accommodate your moving needs and requirements where ever you are moving from or moving to.
  4. When choosing removal companies in the UK don’t be afraid to ask questions, ask them if they have full-time staff and if the removals team are uniformed, check if the vehicles are adequate for your size of move you have. Ask your removals company if they are a member of any trade organisations B,A,R. A reputable moving company will have no issues providing its clients with professional advice.
  5. Ask your chosen removal company whether they provide furniture removal insurance. Another questions that must follow is to what value of insurance do they hold. Are your goods insured if you do my own packing. Many removal companies will offer FREE removal insurance with your move to provide customers the security and protection they need when moving home.
  6. Remember the cheapest house removals quote you receive may not always be the best. When choosing a removal company for house removals you need to look out for, how well they treat you (very important) how well they offer advice and overall how professional they handle your query.
  7. Getting a removals quote online or over the phone is fine but we recommend that you request a FREE Home Survey prior to booking with any removal companies.
  8. Check how your removal company wants you to pay for your move. Some removal companies may request a 10% deposit before they will book your move in to their system. When making payments to your removals company you should be able to pay in a number of ways. Cash, Debit or Credit Cards, Pay Pal, Cheque or Bank Transfer.
  9. Discuss with your removals company all the services they can provide to help your move go smoothly. Many removal companies can offer full or part load removals within the UK, Europe or Internationally. They can also provide full or part home packing and unpacking services and provide all removal boxes and materials for your move. Most companies will offer a safe secure storage facility for your to store your furniture for as long as you may need. Piano removals for people moving home with all types of piano. As well as house clearance for people who need to get rid of old furniture and dismantling services for people who need to take down large furniture before it can be moved. What ever services you need when moving home a reputable removals company will be able to provide.
  10. Unfortunately when moving home delays can happen which are out of your control. Some of these delays may include waiting for the new house keys to be released or changing moving dates with your removals company. You must check in advance if your moving company will charge for any delays during the moving process and exactly what the charges will be. Knowing this information in advance can help you to prepare and budget accordingly for your move.
  11. Forward on to your moving company any information you have regarding the property they will be moving you to. Let them know how the access to the property is, how many floors and stairs there are, whether the road is big enough for the moving truck to get up or of any other obstructions you think they may need to know about before hand.
  12. Some UK removal companies charge customers more for moving home on certain days of the week. Fridays are removal companies busiest days of the week and many companies will charge their customer more for moving home on Fridays as they always tend to get booked up pretty quickly. On weekends removal companies charge more as this is classed as out of working hours, the same applies for bank holidays if they operate at all that this. The best days to move home is from a Monday to Thursday. Moving on these days of the week is not just a fantasy and can help you to get things sorted out in case something goes wrong on completion. For example solicitors, banks, estate agents all close early on Fridays so if some thing was to go wrong, the next available day to contact them would be Monday morning which could leave a lot of home movers stranded. For more information about this speak to a member of our team.
  13. Important Tip -When packing your own home and using a removals company, be sure all furniture is safely wrapped and packed and that all removal boxes are secure and labeled. Being organized will help your move to go smoothly.
  14. When you have made your final checks and your are confident that the removals company you choose is right for you, go ahead and accept your quote and have your chosen removal date booked in. Many house removals go ahead successfully without any problems or delays. Not every removals company has to be part of an organisation to provide the best care, support and services for people moving home. So keep this mind when choosing a removal company for house removals.

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