Moving House With A Disability – Disabled And Moving Home in Nottingham We Can Help

If you are disabled and moving home in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire you may find it to be a very unsettling experience, this is why our staff will aim to take as much of the burden for you as we possibly can, so that you can rest assured and settle comfortably into your new home and surroundings. When you are disabled and moving home in Nottingham you should always plan ahead to make sure that you receive the services and support that you need. For example you could be eligible for a grant from your local council to help you to make changes to your new home to suit your exact needs.

Find The Best Care & Support When Disabled and Moving Home

Help you could receive may include:

  • Improve access to facilities – eg install stair-lift or down stairs bathroom
  • Widening your doors and install ramps for easy access
  • Adapt heating and lighting controls etc to make them easy to use
  • Adapt kitchen work tops to suitable height for your needs

All property types are eligible for a Council disability grant, so whether your home is a building a Caravan or Boat you could be entitled to help when disabled and moving home. Your local authority will have its own set of rules regarding the conditions you must meet in order to receive help. They will take into account every ones individual circumstances as well as their financial position

If you think you may be eligible for a council disabled facilities grant CLICK HERE 

Disabled and moving home in Nottingham

Disabled and moving home in Nottingham

If you have applied for a disabled facilities grant to adapt to your current home, and your local social services have decided that your home is not suitable  for adaptation, then your local council may offer you a relocation grant to help towards the cost of your house removal.

If you are disabled and moving home in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire