How to dismantling your wardrobe for your move.

Dismantling your wardrobe for your move isn’t as simple as you may think. This will depend on what kind of wardrobe you are moving.

If you have a small single wardrobe this might be able to be moved with out you having to dismantle it at all, however it is always best to tape all the doors along with the draws to ensure that they don’t  swings open when you are moving the wardrobe, which could lead to the doors breaking from their hinges or become damaged.

If you do have a wardrobe that will require dismantling be sure to take your time and remember where each piece fits so that when you come to reassemble the wardrobe you will save your self the stress of not knowing where each piece of the wardrobe fits.

It is also important to remove all nuts bolts washer’s etc from your wardrobe as they will fall out when being moved which will be a problem for you when you want to reassemble the wardrobe.

If you have a wardrobe with glass or mirrored doors please wrap using bubble wrap, you can also use old card board to provide extra protection if required.

Once wardrobes are dismantled wrap all loose pieces together using shrink wrap, following our guide will ensure your wardrobe is transported in the safest and most professional way.

Dismantling a wardrobe