Do I Have To Provide My Moving Company With A Deposit?

Information on paying deposits & booking fees when moving house | Do I have to provide my moving company with a deposit when moving home in the East Midlands UK

One of the most important questions people ask when moving home is. Do I have to provide my moving company with a deposit.

Paying deposits to removal companies… Many removal companies in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln or Northampton may request that you pay a deposit or booking in fee, to secure your potential moving date and to ensure it is booked in. This is because many people moving home are not exactly 100% sure that they will be moving home on the potential moving date, that they have in mind or were given by their estate agents or solicitors.

Do i have to provide my moving company with a deposit

Reason your moving company may take a deposit for your home move

Things can change all of a sudden when you think every thing is going plan, for no reason of your own. All your estate agents or solicitors can do is call you to tell you that the move date has changed. The pressure will fall on your solicitors and estate agents to have your matter resolved asap. Mean while you’ll have to call your moving company and tell them the bad news, this is something that requires customers to lose their deposit or booking in fees, when paying a deposit to moving companies for their home move.

Booking your move with a deposit paid will reassure your moving company, that you plan to still go ahead with the services. Things change really quickly when moving home, if one thing on the contract is not signed this will delay the entire move process. This would mean that you have to cancel your original move date with your company. Booking your move without a deposit can be seen as a gamble for some moving companies, as changes in the dates when people move home is a very common process.

When booking your home move, book it directly with your removals company. Try to avoid using compare removal quote websites, this could lead to terrible consequences which you can easily avoid. Websites that offer compare removal quotes will act as the removal companies agent, providing your personal details to various removal companies in return for 3 removal quotes.

This is where the problem lies, you don’t actually know the company you are getting your quotes from. Are they a good company, are they reliable, do they have a good moving track record, do they own a website and contact number and address, these are questions you should know before choosing a removals company for your home move, many compare quote website do not offer this. For you to be able to provide any type of payment for services upfront, you need to know the company is safe to do so.

Will my moving company refund my moving deposit

Your moving deposit will be fully refundable if you decide to cancel your move within the provide time frame. This is usually within two weeks prior to the move. You moving company may provide a full refund if you have to change your removal date, provided this is within the time frame of the moving company of your choice.

How much money should i provide to my moving company as a deposit

This will depend on your move, individual needs and requirements. If you are moving overseas then the deposit paid will be much greater than if you were moving home in the UK. Moving companies tend to take deposits from customers when times are much busier. There is no need to be suspicious if your removals company is asking you for a deposit, this is totally normal practice and as long as you have done your home work on the company you should be just fine.

When paying a deposit be expected to pay roughly £250 – £500 depending on the nature of your move. If you are not moving to far away your moving deposit should be much lower, than if you are moving far away. Moving home on week ends you could expect to pay a higher deposit, but when moving on week days this should be much lower.

Do i have to provide my moving company with a deposit

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Do i have to provide my moving company with a deposit