Find out exact what you need to do when moving your chest of draws to a new home

When moving house with your chest of draws you will need to bear in mind the bulky size and weight of the chest of draws before they can be safely moved to the new home address or new location. There are few simple procedures to follow when packing your chest of draws for a house removals or storage which can make moving your chest of draws much safer and easier. Due to the weight and size of the average chest of draws and the problematic layouts of homes, moving heavy chest of draws can be more difficult than you first realised. Below we have listed how to prepare your chest of draws for your house removal when moving home.

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Items you will need when moving your chest of draws

  • Foam wrap to the protect the chest of draws
  • Corner protectors to stop the sides and corners from getting damaged
  • Removal Blankets to cover the chest of draws when in transit
  • Trolly for easy movement on smooth surfaces
  • Tape to ensure your chest of draws are secure

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Some homes have narrow landings and stairs. Moving heavy chest of draws with all the draws and contents inside can become too much for some people to lift and move around tight corners in the house. Without the correct removal experience moving chest of draws in this way can cause dame to your home and the chest of draws. Chest of draws usually come with very sharpe corners. the corners can easily gauge holes in your wall and damage the chest especially when moving it with all the draws, contents inside and without professional help.

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Depending on the size of your chest of draws will determine whether you need to take the draws out or not. If the chest of draws are small and light enough for two people to lift and move then you can at times leave the draws and contents inside. However if your chest of draws are huge and quite high from the floor then you are best to remove all the draws and contents inside before attempting to move it.

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This will make the chest of draws much lighter to lift and move, although you may need to go up and down the stairs collecting all the draws. Once you have collected all the draws you can simply place them back in side the chest and secure using quality foam wrap, corner protectors, removals blankets and tape.

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