Dudley House Removal Checklist & Tips – For a Safer & Stress-free Move

Many people moving home think it’s as simple as chucking furniture on to a van. Moving home requires careful planning and organizing, experience, a great team of removal men / home packers and a reliable, trust worthy house removals company who will guide you and your move in the right direction. This is where MnM Removals can help, we have provided the perfect checklist & tips that can be used for people, families and businesses moving home in the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley, West Midlands.

Following Our Dudley House Removal Checklist Will Ensure Your Move Is Success

Planning and Organizing your house removals in Dudley

First things first you will need to locate a local house removals company in Dudley or in the West Midlands region that can carry out the removal services you require. Arrange for the removals company to come out to your home to complete a survey, where you can ask questions in more detail about the move and removal services on offer to you.

You will need to decide exactly what you would like your removals company to do for you, whether that be packing your entire home contents or just the fragile items only, you will need to decide whether you would like your company to dismantle all your beds, wardrobes and other larger furniture like fridge-freezers, washing machines and cookers etc.

As well as the services on offer to you, your removals company may complete a full inventory of every item and furniture to be moved from within your home to the new home, this will help determine what size removal truck you will need and how many movers or packers you will need to complete your move smoothly and successfully. Your removals company will also check the layout of the property for the best way to move the furniture out of the house and into the removal truck.

Packing your home for house removals in Dudley

As mentioned early you will need to decide on how much or how little help you will need from your removals company. If you are packing your home your self, to do it professionally could take months, this is why we always recommend that you give your self enough time to get tasks done. If packing your self give your self a couple of months, packing a few boxes a day that you will not need or use, but be sure to have every thing packed and ready for when your removal company arrives on removal day.

Changing Your Address When Moving Home In Dudley

The best way to avoid becoming a victim of identity fraud is to have all your person mail redirected to your new home address. The last thing you want when moving home is the new home owner receiving all your important letter, parcels and information. You can change your address using the Royal Mail Online Form by clicking HERE to their official website:

Organisations you will need to notify when moving home in Dudley

There are so many organisations that you must notify of your change in circumstance and that you have moved home. We recommend getting in touch with your organisations and providers at least for weeks before you actually move home, this will ensure that by the time you actually move in to your new property, all heating, water, electricity, phone lines tv cables etc are all up and running.

As soon as you know you are moving out get in touch with the following Providers:

  • Gas, Water & Electic Providers
  • Tv, Tv Licensing, Broadband and Phone Providers
  • Banks, Buiding Societies, Post Office, Mortgage and Loan Providers
  • Car and Home and Pension Insurance Providers
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Doctors, Dentist, Opticians and Health Care Providers
  • Inland Revenue, DVLA, and Council Tax Authorities
  • Libray, Subscriptions, Milk Man Providers
  • Friends, Work Colleagues and New Neighbors

Dudley House Removal Checklist

Other Important Things You May Need To Consider When Arranging Your Dudley House Removal


  • Try To get at least 3 house removal quotes from removal companies that operate locally within Dudley Or the West Midlands region.
  • Make a list of all the items and furniture you want to take with you, decide what you will give away, sell or recycle.
  • Arrange for your childrens school books and records to be sent to the new head teacher and school.
  • Get in touch with doctors, dentist, options, and other health care providers in your new home location.
  • If you are moving home with pets be sure to have them registered, chipped and the new address updated with the local vets in your new area.
  • If Moving far away or to another country its best not to stock up on food on the run up to removals day, buy exactly what you will need and use.
  • Gather all bank cards, cheque books, money, birth certificate, passport jewelry and all valuable items, keeping them in a safe place during the move.
  • Fridays are one of the busiest days for house removals companies, so be sure to arrange and have you move booked in advance.
  • If moving into a high-rise, apartment or flat, let the property manager and neighbors know that you’ll be moving in as you may need access to the lift.
  • Before leaving your property be sure to take the meter readings and send it to your chosen provider, this will ensure you pay for what you have use and not what the new home owner or tenant has used.

We hope our Dudley House Removals Checklist & Tips have covered all angles of your house removal 

If you are moving home and need a reliable and experienced house removals company in Dudley West Midlands, Look no further than MnM Removals the home removals specialists.

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