Everything you need to know about furniture skates

Furniture skates are a common way for maneuvering your larger items around your warehouse or distribution organisations, for transporting bulky loads. A furniture skate has a simple design with a flat platform with for caster wheels and a fixed handle which is used for easier maneuver with a load on the platform. Skate casters can dramatically vary from solid rubber, air filled pneumatic to cast iron casters. The caster is usually the main component on the skate that limits the safe working capacity.

Furniture skate

The casters are usually mounted at the four corners of the furniture skate, although in some cases casters are also mounted in the center of the device.This is done to help with stability and steering. Sometimes the casters are stuck in a fixed position although many models feature one or more sets of rotating casters.Rare models have have casters mounted on an axle these are use full for hauling heavier goods in tight spaces.

A furniture skates frame is usually made from fabricated steel. The primary surface of the skate  can be constructed from wooden boards, steel, plastic or mesh. Without a surface it becomes an “open frame” skate and without a handle becomes a dolly or piano skate.

Specialist skates include piano skates which feature small multi -swivel wheels and a stronger than usual frame.

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