Expert yet affordable help with house removals for disabled people in Leicester

We provide expert and practical advice to help with removals for disabled people in Leicester and Leicestershire. If you require a helping hand with your house removal in Leicester then you have come to the right place.

Why choose us?

MnM Removals have many years of hands on experience when it comes to help with removals for disabled people in Leicester. A disability should never restrict your quality of life, which is why MnM Removals can offer as much or as little assistance as you require when it comes to planning and completing your house removal in Leicester.

Other help available when disabled and moving home in Leicester

Disabled Facilities Grants – A disabled facilities grant is available for anyone who is disabled and needs to make changes to their home. A disabled facilities grant does not affect any current benefits you receive and you will not have to pay it back. Things you may need a disabled facilities grant for include: 


  • Improving access to rooms & facilities
  • Installing ramps and widening doors
  • Adapt heating lighting access
  • A stair lift or Downstairs bathroom

Council / Housing Benefit – If you are disabled and on a low income you may be entitled to help or reductions with your Rent and Council Tax. If you think you may be eligible for a reduction you will need to contact your local council.

Personal Independence Payments (PIP) – If you currently receive Disability Living Allowance then this will soon change over to Personal Independence Payments or PIP. PIP is there to assist you with the additional financial cost of day to day living with a long term illness or disability. The amount you are paid depends upon how your condition affects your life and not the condition itself. You will be assessed to decide how much help you will get. Use the Government PIP Checker to see how PIP will affect your DLA.

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disabled and moving home

At MnM Removals we understand that disability come in all shapes and sizes and may be mental or physical. This is why all of our staff are fully trained, respectful and ready to provide help with removals for disabled people in Leicester.

If you are disabled and moving home in Leicester with a disability

0800 0025 543

0800 0025 543