Moving Home  – Find out how you can cut cost and save money when hiring a Leicestershire removal company

Here are 10 things you can do that will help you to make great savings towards your move when hiring a Leicestershire removals company

Planning and preparing for your move

Plan your move with your removals company to avoid any costly mistakes. If you are aware that the keys for the new house will not be released until 15:00 theres not much point in the movers arriving at 0700. When hiring a Leicestershire removals company you will need to be aware that many of them will charge an additional fee for any lengthy waiting times.

Planning the moving process is the key ingredients to a successful and cost effective move. Every home owner should follow this 4 week checklist for the perfect guide when preparing to move home.

You should do as much research as you can and start planning your move as early as possible to avoid mistakes happening on the day that could prove costly.

Compare removal company quotations

The main cost of the move will be paid to the removal company. Moving house can cost any where between £350 to £2,500.

This is why it is vital that when hiring a Leicestershire removals company you obtain at least 3 separate moving quotes that you can compare the price, the services and resources that are offered to you. This will also give you a good indication to the cost involved when moving home in Leicestershire.

Save money moving by De – cluttering your home

Another way you can save money when hiring a Leicestershire removals company is to arrange a house clearance.

Removal companies normally base their quotations on the weight or cubic feet of the furniture. So its wise to try and reduce some of this weight prior to the move by clearing or donating unwated items.

Many people sell unwated furniture at car boots or send older furniture and items to local charities like the British Heart Foundation, but the furniture must come with the original fire labels. It’s a good idea to ask your movers as they may be able to help or offer a solution.

The time of year and day you move could prove costly

When thinking of moving house and hiring a Leicestershire removals company you may want to ask them if it is cost-effective to move on a less busier day, if this is at all possible.

The busiest days of the year for removal companies are Fridays. The industry trends tend to pick up during June up until December. So moving home during this time could be more costly rather than moving during the quieter times January to June.

Moving bulky or specialist items

If you have a specialist items like a piano that needs to be moved as well as your household belongings, let the movers know well in advanced. This way they may be able to move the piano either for free as a good will gesture or offer a discounted rate when booking as a whole removal package.

Some removal companies may quote to move the piano separately, but many may provide a tailored package that suits your exact budget and needs.

How to save when buying packaging for your move

The packaging costs can eat up a lot of the moving budget. But before you go out and buy boxes ask your removals company if they provide free boxes or sell used ones that you could use to pack your home.

If all fails you could ask your local store for some strong double wall boxes that could help save on some of those packaging costs.

Another way to save money when buying boxes in Leicester is to buy in bulk as the more you buy the cheaper it can become.

Remember replacing your furniture could prove more costly than the packaging cost as a whole. If your sofa is worth a £1500 then all of a sudden spending £200 on packaging to protect your home doesn’t sound all that bad. It really depends on your moving budget and requirements.

Hiring a large removal truck or a smaller removal truck

The size of the removal truck will determine the price of your move. If your move requires a larger vehicle then the price for your move will be greater.

How ever there are more cost effective options available. If moving locally 10 miles away, you could use 1 smaller vehicle completing one or two trips, which will save on the cost of moving as you wont have to spend extra money for the larger removal trucks.

If moving a long distance away from a 2-3 bedroom home you could have 2 smaller removal vehicles. Or 1 – 7.5 tonne vehicle.

If moving from a 5-6 bedroom house you will require 1 or 2 18 tonne removal trucks to complete your move.

Removal tips that will help you to save money when moving home and hiring a Leicestershire removals company

Contact your service providers

It is wise to plan your outgoings carefully when moving home. You do not want to be charged for the cost of utilities once you have left the property.

Notify your service providers that you are due to change address, so they can terminate your connections in your old home and have your new home set up with gas, hot water, TV, broadband and phone connections in time for when you move in.

It can be difficult to remember all the service providers DVLA, Royal Mail, Schools etc that you may need to contact when moving home in Leicester, this list of service providers will help.

Negotiate with your removal company

Never feel that you shouldn’t negotiate the price of your move. If you really would like to hire the movers, but the price is too high ask if they would mind price matching with a cheaper quotation from another removal firm. This could save you money in the long run. Moving companies know there is a lot of competition out there and may alter your quotation to suit your budget and also to gain your custom.

Do what you can to help save costs

If you are moving home and completing your own home packing this will definitely save you money in the long run, but will he a lot of hard work. If doing your own packing it is vital that everything is boxed, packed and ready for when the movers arrive on moving day.

If you are thinking of saving money when hiring a Leicestershire removals company get in touch with MnM Removals we have a specialist team on hand to offer expert advice, along with professional services and tailormade removal quotations that are guaranteed to  save you money when moving home in Leicester.

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