Let MnM Removals Take Care Of All Your UK Home Moving Services & Needs

Welcome to MnM Removals we have been moving homes for generations, we are the UK’s most trusted house removals company offering a selection of comprehensive home moving services that are personalised to suit your specific home move, needs and requirements.

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Local or National Home Moving Services

Covering every post code in the UK & Europe we ensure customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We provide your very own move consultant who will offer the care, help and support you need when moving locally or Nationwide across the UK & Europe. From start to finish we can take care of your entire home move leaving you to carry on with your day-to-day life as normal.

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Moving Home with MnM Removals is Simple Stress free and easy

  1. Book your home move with us and we will make all the preparations you require
  2. You decide whether you want to pack your self or leave the packing to us
  3. We have a sophisticated team of movers to load and offload all your furniture into your new home
  4. We will position and place all your furniture and items in a room to room basis of your choice
  5. We can if requested unpack all removal boxes, furniture and belongings for you in to the correct draws for you

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Why We Are The Best Solution Compared To Other Moving Companies

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Understanding your exact needs

MnM Removals understands that in order for your move to be successful communication, planning and organizing is key. As we complete thousands of home moves each year, preparing for your move comes natural for us and our moving team. We get to understand what your exact home moving requirements are so we can personalize your services and quotation to meet your exact budget, needs and requirements.

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Trained & Qualified Team

A fast, friendly and professional team will be deployed to assist you and your home move at the shortest notice, some times we can even complete your home move all within the same day of contacting our company. Flexible solutions can be arranged when our customers are left waiting for keys or papers to be signed and can’t move into their new home. (which happens to be a common thing when moving).

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Looking After Your Furniture 

Once we arrive at the new property we will not just dumb your items and rush off home, no way, we make sure every thing you requested is carefully completed, whether that means assembling beds, dining tables, sofas, and wardrobes etc. Between liaising with our company, team and move consultant we make sure you and your family have settled comfortably into your new home and surroundings.

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Supporting You In Every Way

We are much more than just a removals company and can help, assist and support people moving home with all the services they need for a new start within the new home, some of these services include:

  • notifying the relevant providers that you are moving home
  • helping to set up tv, broadband and phone connections for the new home
  • putting up picture, tv’s and light fittings around the house.

What ever your need or require when moving to your new home you are sure to find it at MnM Removals

Looking for a reliable, affordable & respected home moving company to complete your move. Why not give our friendly team a call on 0800 0025 543 for a free moving quotation