How much do moving companies charge? – Moving home removals – costs and services under one roof

When choosing a moving company to carry out your house removals, it is not always the best idea to go with the cheapest price. You will want to be sure that your home, your move, your furniture and your family are hiring the best moving company that will carry out your removal services with careful handling by an experienced team of movers and packers. Getting the best home removals – costs and services is not easy to achieve there are many rouge removal companies out their that will claim to complete a full service, but that’s if they even turn up on removals day. This situation is a night mare for many people moving home, so we strongly advice choosing a reputable removals company for your move.

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Get Only The Best Home Removals – Costs and Services Under One Roof

When moving to a new home you may require many services to be carried out, your removals company may be able to provide the following removal services:

Home Removals – Make great progress on the day of your move by having a fully trained and qualified removals team complete every aspect of your home removals. This will help save valuable time and effort as you will not need to lift a single finger.

Home Packing – Depending on the size of your move your specialist packing team could have your home all wrapped, packed and box in just a few hours. For the average home owner this process could take months to complete. All boxes and materials will be included.

Dismantling & Assembling – When loading furniture on to the removal truck, bigger items such as beds wardrobes, washing machine etc will need to disconnected or taken down, in order to get it out of the house. All bolts and screws will be placed into a clear bag and then labeled.

Self Storage – From time to time people have to move out of the old house, when the new one is not 100% ready. This will mean that the furniture and items will need to be stored in a safe self store facility, until the customers request their items to be delivered to new home or destination.

Home Clearance – When moving home we tend to accumulate a lot of furniture and items we never knew existed. This is the perfect time to arrange your house clearance, instead of bringing more clutter and old worn furniture to your new home.

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Now we have covered the removal services available to you, we will now go ahead and provide you with an idea of what you should be expecting to pay for your move. All prices are a rough guide as every move is different from one another, you will need to contact your chosen moving company to confirm the exact price. Th following guide prices are based on what a professional house removals company will charge.

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A Rough Estimate Of How Much Your House Removal Will Cost You

No home move is the same as each other and every move will have its own set of challenges, some 3 bed homes have 3-4 floors, while others may be a bungalow on the ground floor. You will need to bear in mind the access points to your property as this could reflect the price of your move. For example a 3 bed bungalow will be priced differently to a 3 bedroom,  3 storey house.

2 Bedroom House/Apartment or Flat – A 2 bed property removal will need a minimum of 2 removal men and a minimum 3.5 tonne vans worth of space. If moving locally you could expect to pay between £265£400. This will depend on how much furniture you have and if climbing any stairs is involved. Moving long distance the price will differ slightly from £700£1100 depending on volume of furniture and access.

3 Bedroom House – For 3 bed property moving round the corner or within a 10 mile radious, you could expect to pay in the region of £400£650. When moving 100 miles or over you could expect to pay roughly £900£1400.

4-5 Bedroom House – If moving locally from a large 4-5 bed property you will have a lot more furniture and items, which will mean a large 18 ton removal truck with a large removals team. For this type of house move you could expect to pay any thing from £650£850 for a local move. If moving 100 miles or more your move could cost as little as £900 and as much as £1700, the exact price will be based on your exact requirements and needs.

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