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Affordable House Clearance Services in Arnold!


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Preparing for a house clearnace in Arnold? How MnM Removals can help to safely dispose of your unwanted furniture, items and belongings

[dropcap style=”simple” text_color=”#f48a00″]O[/dropcap]ur house clearance customers come from all walks of life and various sectors within the community of Nottinghamshire. There are so many reason why people may require a house clearance in Arnold, these reason may include the following.

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Home Clearance in Arnold

Over the years many of us find that we have acquired a collection of unused or unwanted items. You may have attic space or spare rooms that are full of these unwanted items. Arranging a home clearance will allow you to free up the space in your home and give your home a clutter free feel. From the point of contact with our house clearance team you will be allocated your own personal clearance coordinator. Your clearance coordinator will arrange to visit you at home to view and discus the items you wish to be cleared. You will then be provided with a fair and cost effective home clearance quotation. Once you are happy with your quote you can get in touch to book in for a day and time that suits you and fits into your schedule. We also offer a specialist bereavement clearance service for relatives and friends. We are a very environmentally conscious home clearance company which means all of the items / furniture that we clear will always be re-homed or recycled whenever possible. All other items will be tipped at a registered waste disposal site.

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Landlord / Estate Agent Clearance

Being a Landlord or Estate agent can often be a stressful and demanding job especially if you are faced with a property that has been left in need of a clearance. Unfortunately this is becoming a increasingly common problem for Landlords and Estate agents in Arnold Nottinghamshire, Properties are being left inhabitable and full of junk. Alternatively houses are often left full following a bereavement and also require a clearance service.   Our experience house clearance team can offer as much or as little assistance as you require. We can clear a few items of furniture or offer a complete clearance service where our specialist team will remove all items along with fixtures and fittings including carpets, curtains, Bathroom and Kitchen fittings. Once you get in touch we will visit the address to assess the property before providing a cost effective clearance quotation. Emergency clearance can often be arranged for the same day.

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Business Clearance

There are two main reasons that a Business may require a clearance service, the first is when a Business are planning to relocate premises. At this point you may find that you have a lot of unused or unwanted equipment that you do not want to relocate with you to your new premises, this is the perfect time to contact us to arrange a free of charge business clearance quotation. The second reason may be if your Business is decorating or renovating its premises . At this point you may also require short term Business storage solutions. We can offer a full or part clearance service along with short or long term business storage solutions.

What we do with the house clearance items we clear

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Are Recycled

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Are Donated

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Find a New Home


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