Tips and Advice on Planning a House Clearance in Knighton, Leicester

Planning a proper schedule for your House Clearance in Knighton, Leicester will go along way in ensuring you have a positive experience. Our expert Home Clearance Team have put together some great tips and advice for anyone planning a house clearance in Knighton, Leicester.

How to plan a House Clearance in Knighton, Leicester

Call in the Professionals:

It is unwise to think that you can do it all by yourself. Planning and completing a house clearance in Knighton, Leicester can be a time consuming and stressful task. Having the help of a professional and experienced house clearance company will be a great benefit.

Do your Homework:

When looking for a clearance company to help you be sure to do your homework and ask exactly what your quote includes. There are a few questions you should ask inc:

  • Is it an hourly or set rate price?
  • Will you be charged extra at weekends?
  • Do the company tip at registered sites?
  • Is a packing charge extra?
Decide on a Date:

Once you are happy with your choice of company to carry out your house clearance in Knighton, Leicester you will need to decide on a date for the clearance to take place. Check that your prospective company has availability on your chosen date.  Once you have agreed on a date for your home clearance always ask for confirmation of the booking, including the date and time. This could be sent via Email, Post or even text message.

Decide whats going:

We often hang on to things we no longer use or want, having a house clearance is a great opportunity to clear away the clutter and make rooms feel bigger and lighter again. When deciding whats to go it is advisable to put all unwanted items together in one room. If this is not possible then colored stickers are also a cost effective idea. Having items clearly labelled will help the clearance team not to confuse them with the things you do want to keep.

planIf you are planning a House Clearance in Knighton, Leicester