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Welcome to MnM Removals Northampton. We are a friendly and experienced furniture moving company, that provides specialist clearance team, that are dedicated to house clearance in Northamptonshire. You may need a house clearance for many reason. May be you are moving home and want to clear away a lot of your old items, bric-brac- and furniture. Clearing the junk, from your home is essential before actually moving. May be you require a bereavement clearance service and are clearing a home for a family member after a decease. At such an emotional time in your life, MnM Removals will be on hand to offer the best care and support, ensuring your bereavement clearance is carried out with the most sympathy, care and respect.

Completing a house clearance in Northamptonshire. 90% of the items cleared, are donated to local charities in Northampton. We donate massive amounts of furniture, beds, sofa’s, books, cds, clothes, toys and games each year. We also donate wheel chairs and disability equipment. Below we will explain the best ways to organise your house clearance in Northamptonshire.

House clearance services for estate agents and landlords in Northamptonshire

As well as residential house clearance, we also work with estate agents and landlords in Northamptonshire and further afield. Our services are designed to be effective and help estate agents and landlords to have their properties cleared quickly, safely and in a professional manner. Many tenants may leave a rental property, with a lot of items and bric-a-brac that estate agents and landlords just don’t need. MnM Removals clearance team will aim to get your property cleared quickly so you can continue to gain your rental income.

How to arrange a house clearance in Northamptonshire

The best way to get things ready for your house clearance is to separate furniture into piles. Go from room to room. Label the furniture you wish to keep, sell, give awaydonate or recycle. This will make it easier for your house clearance team to move your stuff. Label boxes with keep, sell, give awaydonate or recycle. As this will make it clear for you and the movers.

  • Find a registered waste management and house clearance company
  • Invite your house clearance company around to view the furniture to be cleared. This way you will get a more accurate clearance quotation.
  • Separate all furniture in to sections
  • Arrange a garage sale, car boot sale to sell old items
  • Donate furniture and give family members the chance to take what they want
  • Store boxes and odd items into a spare room downstairs for your clearance day
  • Ensure that your house clearance company protects your home and carpets by laying down floor protection etc

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Thinking of a house clearance. Get in touch with our friendly team. We aim to save you time and money on your clearance in Northamptonshire. We have flexible weekend bookings at affordable rates.

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