Need A House Furniture Clearance Leicester ?

There are many reasons that you may need a House Furniture Clearance Leicester. Some of the most common reasons include moving home, renovating / decorating and general over spill. Arranging for a professional company to complete your house furniture clearance Leicester is the best way to guarantee that your home clearance is a a stress free and successful experience.

How To Arrange A House Furniture Clearance Leicester

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Plan Your Clearance

Pre planning and organizing are the key factors to any successful house clearance service. Make list and and if you are not having a full home clearance be sure to clearly label the exact items that you want to be cleared. This will make the whole clearance process much easier for all involved.
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Arrange A Viewing 

Once you get in touch with our home clearance team you will be offered a free of charge home viewing. This will enable us to assess the exact amount of furniture that you have to be cleared and provide you with a fair and cost effective quotation for your house furniture clearance Leicester.

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Receive A Quote

Following your home viewing for your house furniture clearance in Leicester you will receive your home clearance quotation. Your clearance quote will always be a set price and we aim to provide a flexible and cost effective solution that takes into account both your needs and requirement.


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Commonly Asked Questions About House Furniture Clearance Leicester 

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  • This will all depend on the size of your home clearance. We can and will carry out your home clearance all within the same day. If you require an emergency or last minute house furniture clearance, we can assist with this also.


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We do our part to recycle as much furniture as possible. During your house furniture clearance we will determine which items are good for recycling and which items are good enough to be re-homed. All other furniture and items will be disposed of at a registered environmentally eco friendly waste disposal site.


[toggle title=”Will i need to be present whilst the clearance is under way?” state=”off” style=”solid” icon=”info”]
No you will not need to be present during the clearance, however we will require a full inventory of the items and furniture you would like to be cleared. We would also suggest that clearly labeling all items and furniture to be cleared, making it easier for your home clearance team to identify.

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This is an old method for clearing unwanted furniture. Unlike a skip you will not need to reserve parking space on your business forecourt, or be waiting for the delivery and collection of the skips, nor be worried that people will use your skip to add their rubbish. With us its simple, we carefully load and take the furniture away, saving you the hassle and issues that comes with a DIY clearance or hiring a skip.

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If you need some help with your house furniture clearance Leicester