Just found out you are moving house? Need a reliable house removals company in Leicester?

When searching for a house removals company in Leicester to help with the packing and moving of your furniture. You will want to be sure to hire a professional removals company in Leicester and not a man and van or a bogus firm that lacks experience and the ability to complete your move to the highest standards.

How to find a house removals company in Leicester for your move

Moving home is a hard chore. But with a good house removals company in Leicester it really doesn’t have to be. Finding a reliable house removals company is a chore itself, with the hundreds listed online.

So how do you know which removal company is best for you. One of the best ways to find a house removal company in Leicester is by getting recommendations from friends, family and work colleagues.

Some one you know or have come across on your day-to-day routine may have used a removal company in the past and had good experiences. This can help you to build a picture of removal companies you could try first.

However the final choice is yours. You will need to analyse which removal companies in Leicester are best for you.

Here are a few things to look out for when looking for a removal company in Leicester.

  • Check the removal services they offer
  • Check how understanding they are with your query
  • Compare removal quotes with 3 other removal companies
  • Check how long they have been trading in the industry
  • Can they offer and complete a full one stop shop
  • Do they offer long distance, Europe or UK removals
  • Are they listed on google or the internet
  • Do they have good reviews that are real

What ever you need when moving home a good house removals company in Leicester will be able to provide. Most removal companies undergo full training as well as moving and lifting courses to ensure you have a safe and efficient house move.

What To Expect From Your House Removals Company in Leicester

Contacting your removals company

When contacting your removals company a member of staff should always be available to answer your query. Your removal query should be handled in a professional way, with all your questions answered to detail. At this early stage if you feel that the company does not have your best interest at heart, simply move on and find another.

Being Offered a FREE Home Survey

When contacting your removals company about your query a FREE home survey should be provided. It is up to you whether you accept the free survey. But to receive a fair and accurate removals quote a survey is a must. We recommend showing your house removals company every room, along with all the furniture you plan to take to the new home.

During the Free Home Survey

Your home survey should be carried out by an experienced move coordinator, who should be on hand to offer expert advice and support as and when required. Your move coordinator will assess your home and furniture so you can be provided with an accurate quote for your move.

To get a fair and accurate removals quote, your move coordinator will need to assess the following:

  • The volume of furniture
  • Size and type of property
  • How many rooms you have to be cleared
  • Access to the property
  • The distance to the new home
  • The removal services you require
  • The number of movers and packers needed

Getting a house removals quote for your move

Following your free home survey, your house removals company in Leicester will provide you with a removals quote. Your removals quote will be based upon your home survey so its important your removal company sees every thing you wish to move.

Your house removals quote should clearly list all the removal services you have requested. The removals quote should also include the full price you must pay for the services received.

You should never feel pushed into accepting any removals quote. Only accept the quote once you have

  • Assessed the removal company you wish to choose
  • Read all the terms and conditions
  • And basically once you are totally happy that your removals company meets your expectations and meets all of your demands.

Booking Your House Removals Company in Leicester

You have had a free home survey, received a free removals quote, now its time to book the house removals company you like the best. When booking your house removals company it should all be confirmed in writing or via email.

When booking with your house removals company in Leicester you may be expected to pay a deposit to secure your chosen move date. The deposit is usually 10-20% of the overall removal price.

However things can change like a game of cards when moving home and many people can find themselves not 100% sure when the move will go ahead, which is due to the estate agents and solicitors. If this is the case with your move, let your removals company know in advance. This will give them the time to try to arrange another date that is more suited to your needs.

90% of the time house removals go through on the day in question without any issues or delays. Once you have secured your removal date with a reliable house removals company in Leicester you should have no problems worrying if they will turn up on removals day.

Things to remember when moving house in Leicester

  • Notify DVLA, Royal Mail and all of your service providers 2 months before moving home
  • Arrange for children to be looked after on moving day
  • Visit the new home prior to moving day
  • Arrange a house clearance to get rid of old furniture

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