Moving to or from Long Buckby Northamptonshire

Long Buckby is a vibrant village situated in the Daventry district of Northamptonshire. The village is populated with elderly, professionals and families and has all the leisure and ammunites one would want when moving with in a small village.

Things to do in Long Buckby

Long Buckby has a range of parks and leisure activities for the whole family. Some of which include

  • The Library
  • Spar and Wellness
  • Long Buckby Pocket Park

Schools in Long Buckby

There 3 main schools within Long Buckby village which are

High st stores close to Long Buckby

Follow the A428 Harlestone rd for 11 miles drive towards the city centre this will lead you to all the high st stores that include

  • Heart Of The Shire
  • The Grosvenor Centre
  • Weston Favell Shopping Centre
  • Market Walk Shopping Centre

There are many more vibrant shopping centres and parks within a 30 minute drive from Long Buckby, for people thinking of moving to the village.

Moving to or from Long Buckby