Get FREE Affordable Quotes for House Removals When Moving Home in Kingsley Northampton

Welcome to MnM Removals we are a family run removals company offering a wide range of professional removal services in Northampton at the most affordable and cost-effective price. With us your house removals when moving home in Kingsley Northampton or Northamptonshire may not cost as much as you think, as we work to fit into your exact time frame budget and needs.

Find out how MnM Removals can help you and your house removals when moving home in Kingsley Northampton or Northamptonshire

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As a professional removals company we listen to what is important to you as this is also important to us. Understanding your exact needs ensures that our customers receive a fair removals quote, the best possible services tailored to you needs and the support and care needed when moving your furniture to a new home. MnM Removals operates flexible solution to your house removals, we will not charge you for unforeseen circumstances unlike many other removal companies.

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From the first point of contact with our Northampton house removals company you will be allocated your very own move coordinator who you can contact around the clock with questions you may have about the moving process. Your move coordinator will arrange a FREE Home Survey where they will visit you in the comfort of your home to complete a Home Survey.

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Your survey will be brief and won’t take up much of your time (20-30 mins), but it is also a great time to meet our removals company where we can best advice you on how to plan, prepare and complete your move. The Home Survey will involve us listing all the items in your home that requires moving to the new house and assessing the property for access issues, as well as estimating all the packaging materials you will need to pack your home safely.

Once the home survey is complete we will then go on to providing you with a fair and accurate removals quote. All quotes are tailored to your needs and based on the home survey and volume of furniture you have to be relocated. Your quote will be a set price and will not change on the day of your move, unless you instruct us to carry out extra moving services that were not mentioned when booking in.

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Move Home With A Removals Company & A Name You Can Trust!

If you would like a FREE Quote for your House Removals when Moving Home in Kingsley, Northampton or Northamptonshire then please get in touch with our expert moving team on 0800 0025 543 We aim to save you money and provide the highest level of services for your home move.

Alternatively you can leave us a message and we will get back to you with your query straight away.

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