Moving House – Wondering how do moving companies work out your removal costs when moving house in Boston Lincolnshire and the Uk

There is so much to consider for removal companies when providing moving customers with a professional removals quotation. Your removal quotation will be based on a number of factors regarding the move and your pacific circumstances. We have provided the perfect guide on how do moving companies work out your removals costs when moving home in Boston Lincolnshire or the rest of the UK.

Follow our guide and find out how do moving companies work out your removal costs

The volume or cubic feet of furniture

Your removal quotation will be based on the volume of furniture, belongings and items you have to be moved to your new home. The volume or cubic feet of furniture and items you have, will determine the actual size of your move. If you have accumulated a lot of items and furniture over the years then your moving company will need to decide what size of removal truck will best suit your needs and requirements. The more furniture you have will mean the bigger the removal truck you’ll need and this can boost the overall price of your removal quotation.

The removal services you will require

Your moving company will need to discuss with you, the exact removal services you will require. There are many services that your moving company can provide for you. If you require a house removals, full home packing services and storage then these services will reflect the overall price of your move. Many reputable removal companies will offer great discounts when booking in multiple removal services. This discount is usually 10% OFF or FREE removal boxes, to help keep your costs of moving house to a minimum.

Materials you will require

If you decide  for your moving company to complete a full packing services, then usually your removal boxes and packaging materials will be included within your removals quotation. Many removal companies can offer great discounts on packaging for your move, so it is always best to speak to them first, before getting your own boxes, as it could work out much cheaper for you in the long run.

Additional Removal Services

Many people moving house in Boston Lincolnshire or the UK, may require their removals company to complete a variety of additional services. Some these may include: Dismantling and assembling of larger items and furniture. Storing furniture, belongings and items into storage. House clearance services that may include recycling or donating of old, used and unwanted furniture, clothes and belongings. Unpacking service. If you decide to you require any additional services then this will again reflect the price of your house removals.

The access to the property

The access to the property is a major factor when moving house in Boston Lincolnshire or the UK. If you happen to live on a narrow country lane then access to your home for a large moving truck may prove impossible, therefor the removal truck may need to either be located further down the road or your moving company will have to provide smaller vehicle that are ideal for access up to your property. If the removal truck is located further down the road, this could reflect the price of your move as you will require more removal men to complete your move in an effectively and smoothly in chain reaction.

Do you require removals insurance

For many professional removal companies in the UK, your removal insurance is NOT included within your move. This is an optional services that customers can decide they need or not. If you have valuable items, belonging and furniture then your moving company may recommend that removal insurance is beneficial. If you do decide to go ahead with your removal insurance, your moving company may charge you an extra fee for your removal insurance to be effective. You can buy your own moving insurance but this may be more costly than using your removal companies insurance policy.

Distance of travel

Your moving company will need to work out the exact distance of travel to your new home and area, They will also need to work out how many hours it will take along with how much diesel will be used. If you are moving from Scotland to London for example the distance would be just short of 500 miles and 8 hours driving time, this could boost the overall cost of moving home, compared to moving round the corner or moving within a 100 mile radios.

The distance of your move plays a major part of the costs involved when moving home. With petrol and diesel costs going up the price for a long distance move can some time be more expensive.

How do moving companies work out your removal costs

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