The True Costs Of House Removals – How Much Does Moving House Cost

The question home owners ask when choosing a removals company is how much does moving house cost?

Moving house is something that should not be taken lightly it can be a very costly and expensive even when downsizing to a smaller home. A lot of people try to cut back on moving costs, trying to save money by asking friends & relatives to lend a helping hand by hiring a removal van and attempting the move themselves, this is not always the best option especially when moving from a large family home. With all the tasks, preparation, organizing and hard work that goes into the most simplest of home moves it is easy to see why moving house cost so much. Below we have listed the moving costs involved when buying and moving house with a professional removals company.

Choosing A Professional House Removals Company – How Much Does Moving House Cost

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The Costs of Moving From A 2 Bedroom Flat or Apartment

  • If you are planning on moving from a 2 bedroom flat or apartment (locally 10 miles) you could be expected to pay £345.00
  • If you are moving a long way away your moving cost will increase. Lets say your moving 100 – 150 miles you could expect to pay as little as £750.00 and as much as £1500.00 depending on specific circumstances
  • If you was to require a part or full home packing service you could expect to pay £150 – £300 on top of your moving price

The Cost Of Moving Home From A 3 Bedroom House

  • When preparing for a house removal from a 3 bedroom house you could expect to pay (locally approx 10 miles) £400 – £650.00 depending on number of movers and vehicles required
  • When moving a 3 bedroom house a long distance (approx 100 – 150 miles) you could expect to pay in the region of £900 and as much as £1700
  • If a home packing services is taken you could be expected to pay a further £300 to £400 on top of the moving price

The Cost Of Moving From A 4 – 5  Bedroom House

  • The cost of moving from a 4-5 bedroom house may increase the moving costs slightly moving locally 10 miles away you could expect to pay £650.00 £850 which will depend on your personal circumstances.
  • The costs of moving a 4 – 5 Bedroom house 100 – 150 miles away will be roughly around the £1200 mark up to £2000 again depending on personal circumstances
  • If you was to request a full home packing service you could be expected to pay a further £400 – £600 on top of your house removal price.

As Well As House Removal Fees You Will Also Have Other Moving Fees That You Will Need To Consider When Moving House

  • Deposits – Depending on the value of the property you may have to put up 20% of the upfront costs as a deposit on your home. Through the Government Help to Buy Scheme only a deposit of 5% is required
  • Stamp Duty Fees – is another fee you may need to pay. It is only payable on homes worth more than £125,000
  • Valuation Fees – can cost from £150 up to £1500 depending on the value of your property
  • Surveyor Fees – will need to be paid so you can have your home check thoroughly for damages theses surveyor costs can be any where from £200 to £700
  • Legal Fees – Your solicitors will need paying for taking care of all the legal paper for you these cost could be any where from £700 to £1000 or more
  • Estate Agent Fees – with estate agent fees you could be paying 3% of the selling price plus VAT

All the prices above are just an indication of the cost you could expect to pay for your house removal when moving home. MnM Removals recommends you contact your chosen removals company to get a fair and accurate removals quote for your move.

We hope this has put some light on the cost involved when moving house and choosing a house removals company when moving to your new home

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