10 Simple Steps On How To Arrange A House Removals When Moving House

Every one hates the process involved when moving home, but there’s no way around that. With the right information and guidance your removal could be one of the best things you could have ever imagined. A lot of people will be moving home over the next few months and this guide was created to provide the best solutions along with the best moving advice on how to arrange a house removals when moving home.

Moving Furniture To A New Home – Find Out How To Arrange A House Removals The Simplest Way

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Preparation Is Key For Successful House Removals

Theirs so much to do when moving home its vital that you follow a moving home guide that will provide you with all the tasks involved when moving home. Print a removal checklist and tick off all the tasks once they have been completed. When preparing for removals and using a moving home checklist its vital that you give your self enough time for task to be completed, usually 2 or 3 months.

When considering the preparation of your house removals you will need to consider the following: Setting up mail, connecting utility supply, collecting keys from estate agents, organizing a removal company, packing your home, arranging for children to cared for, laying carpet protection in your new home, the list goes on. To ensure you have a successful house removal and a pleasant moving home experience it is your responsibility to ensure these tasks are all carried out to great effect.

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Take Items You Actually Need & Use

When moving home and arranging a house removal it’s not just a good idea to take every thing with you. Instead make a list of 4 and put into these lists all the furniture that you plan to Keep, Sell, Donate or Recycle. This way you will have created your very own full inventory so you know exactly what items you have and exactly where they will be going. You can also label each item with a colored sicker green for keeps, orange for sale, amber for donate and red for recycling.

Many removal companies charge for removals based on cubic feet and the volume and size of furniture you have. Getting rid of those items you no longer need love or use could help to make a big difference in the final price for your move. Not only that, more importantly the last thing you need when moving to a new home is to use up all your valuable living space with furniture you were planning on chucking away.

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Notify All Service Providers That You Will Be Moving Home

With so many service providers providing services to people’s homes it can be wise to make a Moving Checklist For Notifying Your Suppliers as this will help you to remember who to contact and which ones have been contacted. Service providers will up date your address and personal details and most importantly ensure services are connected at the new home in time for removals day. You can click here find a helpful list of all the organisations you need to get in touch with when arranging a house removals when moving to a new home.

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Packing Home Furniture For House Removals

When packing a home your self its important to consider the amount of items, belongings and furniture that you have and the time it takes to pack a home safely. The kitchen can be one of the more difficult rooms in a house to pack. As this is a room that every household member uses and spends their time. When packing a home 85% of your household furniture will be packed into removal boxes or wrapped in packaging like dismantled wardrobes or dining tables and chairs. The other 10% is for other items that don’t require packing like garden benches, tool boxes etc.

Many house removal companies will require for items to be placed into their original packaging before they can be moved, but this will depend on the type of item it is.

If doing your own home packing be sure all items are wrapped and packed safely so they will not get damaged when in transit. Many house removal companies and their insurance providers will no take fault if items are packed by the customer, so always check this out when booking a removal firm for your house removal.

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Make Travel Arrangements To The New Home

If moving far away decide on how you are going to get to your new home, especially if you do not drive a car. Check for updates with your local rail way, coach or airways for times, dates, fees and booking slots etc. You may need to gather information for the bus routes from the train station to your new home once you have arrived at the drop off destination.

If you are a car driver and moving far away be sure your car is in a good roadworthy condition and has all the legal requirements Tax, Mot and Insurance, as well as enough fuel for the journey ahead. If you are travelling with a family take a few toys, puzzles and quizzes along with some sandwiches.

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What To Do With Valuable Items & Jewelry When Moving Home

With sentimental and high value items like, jewelry, money, passports, bank cards, cheque books etc keep in a separate box. These items are not meant to be loaded onto the removal lorry and it is highly unwise to do so. It is the customer that must direct their move and ensure all sentimental valued items are safe and secure. When moving home and your home furniture is being moved around it can become easy to lose something or the removal man places it in a box it shouldn’t be in, it can be harder to find until all boxes are unpacked, bear this in mind when moving house..

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Dismantle Bulky Items Of Furniture That Will Not Fit Out The Room

Another task that will prop up when moving home is taking down bulky furniture that will not fit out of the room. Many removal companies can offer this service to assist you with dismantling your awkward items. Some items and furniture may not be dismantle and may need to be taken through a window in order to get it out of the house. If this is the case, be sure to hire a window fitter who can arrive while the move is in process, so that the movers can take those awkward items out of the house and into the removal truck. Checking these tasks before hand can make a big difference to how much your move is likely to cost and how successful and efficient it can be.

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Prepare A Handover Note For The New Home Owner Or Tenants 

Preparing a handover note will ensure the people moving into your home have an easier time finding things. Can you imagine how much time it takes to find the main water, electric and gas valves in a new home. List all the important things so the new homeowner can find things easily. Label keys and leave them with your name and address so they may forward any post or parcels that comes address to you.

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Arrange A House Removal Company To Complete Your Move

Always give your self enough time to contact your house removals company. Many removal companies will offer last-minute house removals for people who have just found out that they will be moving home. You will need to arrange a FREE Home Survey with your house removals company so that they can provide you with a fair and accurate quote based on the furniture you are actually moving. Many removal companies will complete a tailored service for your exact needs and requirements. Professional removal companies completes hundred’s of house removals every year traveling thousands of miles moving people from the UK to Europe and Internationally. They have excellent packing experience and can provide boxes, packing materials and complete home packing services that are designed to keep valuables safe and secure as well as saving customers time.

The best time to contact your removals company is within 2 to 3 months. However it is not always that simple, as many people don’t actually know exactly when they are moving home and are forced to sit and wait on estate agents and solicitors to provide them this information. Moving companies are aware that new homeowners are not legally allowed to move into their new home until the completion process is complete, so should have the perfect solution for their clients faced with these issues.

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Get Children Involved In The Moving Home Process

Children can get very emotional when they know they are moving home, moving away from school, friends, relatives, their area and surroundings. It is important to try to involve them as much as possible as this will offer them reassurance that every thing will be alright. Let them pack their own personal belongings and decorate their own moving boxes in their favorite colors. Speak to them about how they would like to decorate their new bedroom or take them for walks in the new area or to visit their new school or college. This will help them to feel at ease when the movers start packing and moving all their toys, knowing that they are moving to a new home and a new future. Click Here for more information on moving house with children.

As you can see from the guide above moving home involves a lot more than just moving your items from A to B. Choosing a helpful removal company like MnM Removals you should have no problems executing the perfect home move.

If You are moving home and need the help and support of a fast, friendly and professional house removals company call us on 0800 0025 543 so we can provide you with the best service and the most affordable price for your home move.