How to assemble a wardrobe

Assembling your wardrobe can take some time and patience especially if you have no experience. MnM Removals has provided you with guide to help you when assembling your wardrobe.



Assembling your wardrobe can take some time and patience especially if you have no experience. Holding pieces of wood 6ft to 7ft tall can be a real challenging task to do, so it is always best done with two people. It is always a good idea to put the wardrobe in the correct room of choice to start with

Leave enough space for you to work around the wardrobe, removing all packaging and boxes in to a separate room, so screws and bolts will not be miss placed

Take all parts of the wardrobe out with the screws and lay them down with the screw holes on the wardrobe facing upwards, towards the ceiling.

Once all parts are laid out check with your instruction manual that parts are present and correct. Once you are are satisfied all your parts are present you can now start with the build.

With a wardrobe it is advisable to start from the bottom base upwards, The bottom and the top base should be similar if not identical in size, starting with the bottom base you should have may be 3 or 4 screws or holes that the bolts go in on either side of the bottom base.

Now it is time to insert all the wooden pegs in to the allocated holes on the bottom base (2 out 4 holes will be for the wooden pegs and the rest for bolts or screws).

You can now attach one side of your wardrobe, but first you will need to insert your wooden pegs and screws into the correct spaces, then line the bottom base with the bottom side and join the wooden pegs together they should fit perfectly (wooden pegs should be a bigger hole than the screw hole).

Once you are happy the side and the bottom base are perfectly lined correctly you can now tighten the bolts.

Now the base and one side of the wardrobe is fitted you will need to attach the back of the wardrobe

On the base and the side will be a carved out straight line which should be on all sides and the bases of your wardrobe, the actual back of the wardrobe will have a flexible wooden board which should fit into the carved straight lines. Place the back of the wardrobe into the carved lines

Once you are pleased with this you can now add the second side of the wardrobe. Insert all wooden pegs  in to the allocated holes for the bottom base and the second side of the wardrobe(remember 2 out 4 holes will be for the wooden pegs and the rest for bolts or screws) to do this is basically identical to the first side board.

Now you can fit the second side to the bottom base.

Once you are happy with the attachment with the second side of your wardrobe you can tighten the bolts up.

Now you should  have 4 parts of your wardrobe connect together we are more than half way their.

Now its time to hang your shelves  in the bag that came with your screws you will have little L shape hooks that will have a end that fits into the holes on both sides of the wardrobe (you should position these hooks at the top of both sides of the wardrobe, they should be 4 or 6 depending on how big your wardrobe is).

Adding your clothing rail you should have some really small screws in your bag a pole and the connectors what the rail will go in to before being attached to both sides of the wardrobe, place the connectors to the top and middle of the wardrobe, determine how much length you would like your clothes to have from the clothing rail to the bottom base before screwing the screws into the sides.

Once this has been done you can start screwing the rail connectors and the clothing rail to the sides

We are nearly there, now its time to start attaching the top base of the wardrobe, to do this we have to insert all wooden pegs and screws and tighten the bolts. (just like you did with the bottom base).

The doors should have the hinges attached to it already so all we need to do is fit the doors to the side of the wardrobe. in you bag you should have some small stubby screws that will fit the doors, (start from the top of the door hinges first then work your way to the bottom) by lining the hinges on the wardrobe door to the matching holes on the side of the wardrobe be sure that they are lined up correctly and tighten up the screws using a screw driver repeating this process to attacch your second wardrobe door.

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