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Moving Home? Want To Cut Your Moving Cost?


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When planning on moving home in Loughborough or Leicester it is natural to want the best removal price, along with the best removals company and removal services. Moving home can be really expensive even when moving within the same vicinity or completing the move your self. Following our guide on How To Cut House Removal Cost in Loughborough & Leicester will ensure you have a cost-effective quote for your house removal.

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How Do Removal Companies Calculate Removal Costs

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Many reputable house removal companies quotes are not just made up or thrown together, they are carefully planned, thought out and tailored to meet your exact demands and needs. There are many important factors that removal companies use to finalize your house removal costs. A lot of these factors will involve your circumstance and requirements when moving to your new home. The big question every person moving home wants to know is how much do removal companies charge?

Below we have listed what removal companies base your removal quotes on and how they are calculated.

  • Type of property you are moving to house /flat/ apartment or bungalow
  • The Volume of furniture you have to be relocated to the new home
  • The distance of travel between you old home and your new home
  • The access to the property, is their loads of stairs, how many floors your home has
  • The type of services you require, House Removals, Home Packing, Clearance, Storage, Assembling, Piano Removals
  • Whether you require any packaging materials
  • The size of vehicles and the amount of removal men and packing team required to complete your move

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Ways On How To Cut House Removal Cost in Loughborough & Leicester 

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If you are moving home and thinking of ways that you can keep those removal companies charges and costs to a minimum you must read on, as a professional removals company we know exactly what you need to do in order for you to receive the best most cost-effect quote for your house removal. so much so, we have created the perfect guide on How to cut house removal costs to help you save money when moving home.

saving tips

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[icon icon=”question-sign” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″ bg_color=”#000000″]Arrange a FREE Home Survey

A home survey is FREE and is guaranteed to save money when moving to your new home, as your house removal company will be able to take a detailed inventory of all the items and furniture you have to be relocated. They will also be able to see first hand of what your property layout and location involves, making it easier and fairer for you when being quoted. All a home survey does is help to secure a fair and accurate house removals quote. If a home survey has not been completed then your movers may quote you for moving from a 3 bedroom house even if you are only using 1 of the bedrooms, this is why it is important you receive a home survey when moving home.

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[icon icon=”thumbs-up” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″ bg_color=”#000000″] Sell Donate or Recycle Clutter & Junk

The simplest and easiest way to save money on house removal costs is to sell old, unwanted items that you no longer want, need, use or like any more. Why clutter your new home and surroundings with old furniture you no longer love, want or need. The best thing to do, is to split the furniture into 3 piles 1 for recycling, 2 for selling and 3 for donating or giving away. There are many ways you can make extra money towards your house removal from items you no longer want or need. Many people list and sell their items on Gum tree, Ebay, car boots or by setting up a home or garage sale, which are all greats ways of getting extra cash to cover the costs of removal companies. A wide selection of items cleared may end up in some else home

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[icon icon=”question-sign” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″ bg_color=”#000000″] Let The Movers Pack 

It’s very important when moving home and using an experienced and reputable removals company that you ensure to leave the packing to the professionals. Removal companies are the ones who are responsible for the safety and relocation of your furniture to your new home. If you complete your own packing, you may think you have cut the packing costs out, but in the long run, if your movers happen to break or damage something they may not be held accountable by their insurance, as they were not the ones who packed and boxed the furniture. To ensure you have full protection and removal insurance for your furniture when moving home leave the packing to the pros, accidents happen just be sure you take the correct measures to ensure you are protect and insured yourself when moving home with a removals company.

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[icon icon=”thumbs-up” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″ bg_color=”#000000″] Ask Friends & Family For Help

Friends and family can be the perfect solution to help keeping those removal costs down. Any little they can do to help you when moving home will ensure you have a cost-effective and stress-free move. Friends and family can help you to unpack removal boxes, placing the contents into the cupboards and draws, they can assist with the cleaning before the movers arrive to offload your furniture, this will avoid the costs of hiring professional cleaners or a unpacking service. As a professional moving company we would always advice that you check with your friends and family to see if they are physically fit and able to help, you will also need to check that they have never had any issues with back problems in the past. Just be sure to provide your family and friends and all involved in helping you move home with plenty of food and drinks throughout the removal process.

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Other Moving Cost You May Have To Pay When Moving Home & Buying A House


When moving or buying a new house there will be other fees that you will need to consider, besides your house removal and mortgage fees. When calculating the costs of moving home in Loughborough, Leicester or the UK, you should always include the following fees.

  • Deposit – The deposit will be the fee you put towards the property you wish to buy. The higher the deposit the lower your mortgage payments may be.
  • Mortgage Fees – The money you owe and will have to pay to your mortgage lender every month to repay the money borrowed for your mortgage.
  • Legal Fees – When buying you a house your licensed solicitor or conveyancer will be needed to complete all paper work and legal documents.
  • Stamp Duty – Is a government tax that every person buying a house in the UK has to pay. The tax payable is for properties from £125,000.
  • Council Tax – Is a fee that is calculated annually by your council. The amount of council tax you pay will depend on the area in which you live.
  • Valuation Fees – These are fees you may need to make, for you to establish the true value of the property you wish to buy and how much money you may need to borrow.
  • Surveyor Fees – When you’ve found your new home you will need a licensed surveyor to assess the foundation and the external walls of the property for damages.
  • Renovating Fees – The money you must spend to get your home up to date or to living standard, whether that be putting in new carpets, blinds, bathroom or kitchen.

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Other Removal Services You May Require

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