Children out grow a bunk bed quite quickly knowing how to dismantle your bunk bed is some thing you will need to know

 How to dismantle a bunk bed 

Firstly start by putting the bed in to the middle of the room you will need a set of alan keys or screw driver to unscrew the bolts at the top of the bunk bed , depending on the fixings to the bed you are going to dissemble.

There is 4 sides to the bunk bed, starting from the top side, unscrew the 4 screws holding the side of the bunk bed together, (they should be visible from the outer side of the bed), you may need two people to help you from this point which will save you time.

Once you have taken the side off put it to one side and move onto the opposite side of the bunk bed the screws will be showing using the alan keys unscrew and place the side of the bed out the way.

Keep all screw in a bag so you can easily find them when you have to put the bunk bed back up.

Once the side of the bed has been dismantled you will be left with head side and the foot side of the top bunk

Now start by taking out the 4 screw that are holding the ladder in place it, will be attached to the top and the bottom of the bunk bed the screw will again be visible unscrew all theses screw and place them into your bag.

Half way down the top bunk will be the screws holding the top bunk to the bottom bunk, using a alan key unscrew the bolts, be careful here as you are unscrewing the top bunk, you will need some one to help you hold one side of the bed in place, while you quickly unscrew the opposite side of the bed.

Once all screw holding the top bunk to the bottom bunk have been taken out can you lift the top base off the bed, place this against the wall out of the way.Now we have dismantled the top bunk we have to dismantle the bottom bunk.

At the head and foot end of the bottom bunk you will have 2 screws on either sides of the bed, with your alan key unscrew the screws holding the beds head frame, have some one to assist you with this process and repeat at the bottom end of the bed.

You will now be left with the beds base that the mattress will sit on there is no need to dismantle the slats or unscrew the screws, as it will be easily movable to any room or destination of your choice

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