MnM Removals have the best solution on how to dismantle and move a wardrobe. Following our easy to use steps, you will find dismantling and moving your wardrobe was not as hard as you first thought. We are always on hand to assist and help especially for elderly people when dismantling and moving of household furniture.

How to dismantle and move a wardrobe   

dismantle a wardrobe

  • When moving a wardrobe you will need to take all clothing and contents out before you start with the moving, you will need some one to help you move it safely and without causing damage to the property or yourself depending on big the wardrobe is. Its best to place your clothing into bags or boxes until the wardrobe has been moved.
  • First we start with the doors  if the doors have glass in them remove all doors and carefully put them into some sheets or wrap them in some thick removal blankets to avoid them being broken while being moved. Unscrew all 6 hinges from both sides of the wardrobe doors, wrap them up and put into a safe place.
  • Also remember if your wardrobe has shelves and draws attached you will need to take them out before you start moving the wardrobe this will stop the draws or shelves flying out when you are moving the wardrobe.
  • If you are moving the wardrobe to your new home you may have problems getting it into a room of your choice so it may need to be dismantled completely.
  • To do this you will need to start from the top of the wardrobe, looking inside at the top side board, the wardrobe will have some bolts two on either side. Using a flat head screw driver, turn the bolts anti clockwise to release one side of the top wardrobe.
  • Repeat this process for the opposite top side of the wardrobe.
  • Now the top base of the wardrobe will lift off and can be wrapped in bubble wrap and removal blankets for that extra protection and placed to one side.
  • Once this done we move down to the bottom of the wardrobe which will have two screws holding the side of the wardrobe together, using your flat head screwdriver turn the bolts anti clockwise releasing the wardrobes side board from the bottom, repeat this once again for the opposite side of the wardrobe.
  • Now all pieces of the wardrobe will be apart ready for you to wrap them and easily move them to your new location.
  • It is best to take all screws and bolts out of the wardrobe pieces as they will fall out when being moved, place them into a secure bag so you can assemble your wardrobe back together again.

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