Every Thing You Need To Know About How To Make Your New Home Fire Proof

You have finally managed to get settled in to your new home and relax, after the painful and exhausting process of moving in. Moving boxes have been unpacked and all furniture has been set up with in your new home. Now it’s time to focus on the important aspect of your new new home and kit your home with the state of the art safety features that could save your life. When moving to a new home it may not have all the safety features that is required. One of the most important features you will need in your new home is a fully automated, fire sprinkler system and fire safety alarm, that is connected directly to your fire station in case you have a house fire or an emergency.

Key Facts On How House Fire Are Started

Most house fires are started in the kitchen. You will want to ensure that your kitchen has safety features fitted and that all fire alarms and devices are working correctly.

  • Cigarettes and smokers cause a lot of house fires, due to negligence and cigarettes left on carpets, beds and sofas.
  • Hot irons if left unattended can cause house fires if it comes in to contact with a netted curtain, blowing near the window.
  • Microwaves can also be a danger with in the home. They need space to breath. If you place items on top or at the sides of your microwave, this will restrict the air circulation and could cause the microwave to over heat and catch on fire.
  • Dryers are also a fire hazard if left running constantly for long times. Its best to use the dryer a hour at a time and let it cool down, before continuing to use it again.
  • Christmas trees can be a real danger. They have heated light bulbs that could ignite and set a light. When purchases a Christmas tree be sure it is fire proof. Otherwise we advise that you do not bring it into your new home.
  • Finally fridge freezers. Fridge freezers are responsible for many house fires in the UK. They come with gas bottles fitted to them, that helps to keep items frozen or cold. At times, this gas can explode and cause fires with in the house. We advice that you always get your fridge freezer maintained regularly or replace the old ones with a more modern fridge freezer.

All of the above are ways your home could potentially catch fire. If you follow the ideas and keep and eye out for the dangers around your home, you’ll be just fine.

How To Stop House Fires And Ensure Your New Home Is Fire Proof?

Buy Fire Resistant Materials For Your New Home

If renovating or building your new home, consider fire retardant materials. Making your home fire proof and using fire retardant materials, becomes a good line of resistance and helps to stop your home catching fire easily. Fire resistant doors, sofas, wardrobes, curtains, lamp shades, bedsheets, carpets and rugs, help to stop fire spreading rapidly through out your home. You can even get fire resistance toys and teddies that usually set a light very quickly.

Install Fire Extinguishers Around The House For Emergencies

Place fire extinguishers around vulnerable fire hazard rooms in your new home. like the kitchen. Having access to a fire extinguisher will ensure you can tackle any small fire that may arise. Find out exact what fire extinguisher you need for you home by looking here at the fireandsafety.com site. Having a fire extinguisher, can be a matter of life and death and can help prevent a minor fire escalating in to something much worst.

Install State Of The Art Fire Alarms

Fire alarms detect fires before they even start. They are designed to detect the smoke that rises, before the smoke gathers in to thick smog or fire. The fire alarm will start beeping or making a loud sound. Loud enough to be heard from all around the house. The smoke alarm is a safety feature, that detects fires before they have started. As soon as you hear your alarm. Don’t ignore it go and investigate the situation right away. Having a fire extinguisher, will offer confidence that you can tackle a fire if one does arise.


With the world climate getting hotter and hotter in the UK. The need for fire proofing our homes is for ever real. Fires are caused by so many things around the home. Garden fencing is also a big cause for house fires, so you will want to paint them using non flammable paints. Also remove plants and flowers that are know for catching fire away from the house.