How to Choose a Removal Company when Moving House in Leicestershire

[dropcap style=”solid” text_color=”#000000″ bg_color=”#f48a00″]W[/dropcap]hen preparing for a house removal and choosing from a wide range of removal companies in Leicestershire, how do you know which is the best moving company for your move? This helpful guide on how to find a Leicester removals company will help to ensure you make the right decisions when searching for the best removal companies for your home move.

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Ask friends, family and work colleagues for recommendations

One of the best ways to choose a Leicester removals company is to ask for recommendations from friends, family work colleagues or estate agents. Some one you know may have used a removals company in the past and had a good experience. Getting first hand recommendations from reliable sources can help you to make your mind up easier on which will be the best removals company for you.

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Find Leicester removal companies online for your house removal

The internet has hundreds of local removal companies for you to choose from and can make it easy for you to get access to local removal companies websites, where you can contact them to get  direct advice and information about your move. Don’t be afraid to ask questions you are looking only for the best customer service and company that is going to help you and your family relocate to a new home, which is a huge task and is based on the trust and credibility of your prospective removals company.

Many customers prefer to use local removal companies that are based in Leicestershire. Be aware when searching online as many companies will advertise for an area when they are actually based somewhere else.

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Get estimates from at least 3 or 4 removal companies in Leicester

Although it is wise to get 3 or 4 removal companies for an affordable estimate. The cheapest estimate is not always the best. You will want to ensure that the prices that are quoted to you, is the price you end up paying for the services your removals company says they will carry out. Ask your removals company for a cap on what you will pay for your move, especially if they do not offer a fixed price quote, overall this will offer you peace of mind knowing the exact cost and fees of your house removal.

Many removal companies will usually estimate a low price for the move to start with, but when adding the additional services you may require, like packing, boxes, insurance etc, the actual quote may be a lot higher.

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Always give your self enough time to find a Leicestershire removals company

Time is very important when moving home, unfortunately it’s not something we all have on our side. To combat this as soon as you are aware that you’ll be moving home (usually a few months in advance) get in touch with your local removal companies until you find the company you would like to get an estimate from.

Once you have found the right 3 removal companies for you, start making some inquiries and request that the companies complete a FREE Home Survey of your home and furniture so you can receive a full binding quote and contract in writing. Once your removal quote has been agreed and you are happy that the removals company you have chosen meets all your expectations go ahead and have your move booked in and confirmed.

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When your removal companies visit you at home be sure to show them every room

When your removal company completes a FREE Home Survey it is important that they get to view every item and furniture that you wish to take to the new home and location. This will ensure that you receive the adequate size of removal vehicles as well as the right number of home movers and packers to complete your move efficiently.

If your removals company is unable to come out to your home to complete a FREE no obligation home survey (its best to avoid them) on the other hand if you are unable to complete a home survey, provide your removals company with a list of each item of furniture and an estimate of how many boxes you will have, from the list and some detailed information your removals company should still be able to provide you with a quote over the phone.

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Be sure that your furniture, belongings and items are insured by your removals company

It is important that you have insurance in place when planning a house removal in Leicester. Many reputable removal companies will provide removal insurance for an extra fee, where as some may include this into your removal policy. It is always a good idea to check the level of cover your removal company will provide.

Removal insurance offers reassurance that if an item or furniture is damaged by the movers it will be replaced or repaired and handled independently by the removal companies insurance provider.

If you already have home and contents insurance in place check with your insurance provider as items and furniture within your home may already be covered up to a certain value, although it may not be covered for removals, but this is always worth checking if this will help to guarantee your furniture is insured and help to save money on your removals.

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What to expect from your Leicester removals company when moving home

A professional removal company, doesn’t matter what the size should always

  • Be polite, friendly & approachable
  • Provide fair, cost-effective quotations
  • Have all the resources and tools in place
  • Always provide written quotes, receipts & invoices
  • Offer help, support & advice regarding your move
  • Visit your property in person if required (FREE of Charge)
  • You should always be able to contact your removals company

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What removal companies will expect from the customer on moving day

When moving home in Leicester there are a few things your removal company may expect from you. These things may include:

  • Being honest about the amount of items and furniture to be moved
  • Provide any information in advance about any large, bulky and awkward items you may have
  • If packing your self be sure all items are ready and packed up in time for removals day
  • Make your removal company aware of any access or parking issues prior to the removal
  • If you are expecting the new house keys to be late, let your removals company know asap
  • If you have new carpets in the new home let your company know so they can provide floor protection

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Why choose MnM Removals for your house removal in Leicestershire

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