Tips on how to find a reliable removals company in Market Harborough Leicestershire

Congratulations you are now at the stage of planning or thinking of making the daunting task of moving home. Here you’ll find professional advice on how to find a reliable removals company in Market Harborough Leicestershire when moving home.

When searching for a Leicestershire removals you will want a company that will complete all the removal services you’ll need as one whole package. This can work out cheaper as your company may be able to offer a discount if your are booking more than one service with them.

How to find a reliable removal company in Market Harborough Leicestershire

Get at least 3 removal quotes

One of the first things you may want to do when planning on moving home in Market Harborough and using a removals company is to obtain at least 3 quotes from different removal companies operating with in your local area.

This will give you an idea of the prices and services available to you. Which will help you to pick the best company and services at the most cost effective rates.

Remember the cheapest quote is not always the best. Moving home is hard work and time consuming, so be sure your cheapest quote includes all the services you require in writing. Check if the quotes include VAT or not.

Always request that you receive your quote in writing

Another important factor when considering how to find a reliable removal company in Market Harborough Leicestershire is to ensure your moving quotation is in writing.

Many removal companies may provide quotes over the phone or via text message. However phones get lost and you will need a letter or email that you can go back to avoid any confusion.

Plan, prepare and organize a free home survey

Before you are able to obtain a quote many removal companies in Market Harborough Leicestershire will need to complete a home survey. Where your moving agent visits you to assess your exact requirements. This should be a free service however some moving companies may charge.

When visiting, your moving company will take notes and list all the items and furniture you wish to move. They will advise you on the best way to prepare and pack your own items. They can also offer advice on keys and what to do if you experience delays that may arise.

All of these factors can be discussed in person, where you can meet your removal company face to face.

Nowadays there are much simpler and easier apps and online forms for clients to fill in and return back to companies, making things that little but less stressful. Which will help you to obtain a quote without the hassle of having the movers around when your are busy. The online apps help make the process easier and quicker for people moving home

Try to contact your removals company in advanced

If you are wondering how to find a reliable removal company in Market Harborough Leicestershire then it is always a good idea to contact your chosen removals company well ahead of time. This will give you the time you need to find a good removals company that is friendly and has full time professional movers and packers to assist your move.

Getting in touch with your movers ahead of time will ensure your moving company can prepare for your move to the best of their ability, proving a 5 star service you deserve when moving home.

Be sure your movers are always contactable

When learning how to find a removal company in Market Harborough Leicestershire it is vital that you can always get in touch with your movers or have a regular point of contact as and when you require. Ask for a project manager that you can contact to ask questions about your move. Dont hesitate to ask questions after all it’s your life long belongings you are trusting them with. A reputable removal company would have no problems explaining the process several times to clients if needed.

Check that they cover all the removal services you will need

You will need to decide how much help you will need from your mover or packers.

Many removal companies will complete the whole moving process for you. Here is a few of the most popular removal services you can choose for your move.

  • House removal
  • Packing / unpacking
  • Dismantling / assembly
  • House clearance
  • Removal boxes and packaging
  • Piano removals
  • Storage

Some moving companies may unplug washing machines, tvs and may even take curtains down or tvs from the wall, as well as dismantling a 3 door glass wardrobe. What ever you need when moving home your reliable removal company in Market Harborough Leicestershire will be able to help.

Local or long distance removal companies 

Depending on the distance of your move will depend on what type of removal company you will need to hire.

If moving around the corner you will find that there are many removal companies locally that will be able to accommodate your needs. But when moving over long distance Cornwall, Wales, Edinburgh, London or Essex for example you will need a company that can carry bulky items over long distances, so bigger vehicles will be required. Also if moving to Europe, Australia or Canada you will require a removals company that specialises in shipping goods overseas.

Find out how you should pay your removal company

Its important to discuss the payment methods with your removal company in advance so you know exactly where you stand. Many professional removal companies in Leicestershire will request payment via

  • Bank transfer
  • Debit / credit card
  • Cash

Many removal companies will request a deposit to secure your moving day. Be sure not to hand over a large sum of cash. Instead wire the money safely via a bank transfer. This way the funds become more secure and traceable for you. Be sure to get a signed headed receipt in writing for any payments made to your movers

When looking for a reliable removal company in Market Harborough Leicestershire, it is not as hard as you may think, following this guide made for home movers that are looking for a professional and efficient removal company and team, that will not cost the world and meets all your demands and needs.

Check your that your removal  company is insured

It’s a quick question to ask your movers, but you want to be sure that your movers are fully insured and have goods in transit insurance. From time to time things can go wrong on a move, if is the case your movers Insurance will take over and ensure items are swifly repaired or replaced. Many removal insurance companies will decide if the item is repairable or whether the client is due a replacement or a full refund.

We hope you have enjoyed following this ultimate guide for home movers in the Leicestershire.

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How to find a reliable removal company in Market Harborough Leicestershire