Advice and tips on how to find the perfect home when moving house in Leicestershire

How To Find The Perfect Home in Leicestershire. Searching for a new home for you and your family can be a daunting experience, especially with so many homes currently on the housing market it can become difficult choosing that special home that you and your family can settle comfortably in for years to come. We have put together this moving guide on how to find the perfect home to ensure you make the right choices when buying your new home.

How to find your dream home when moving house in Leicestershire

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Planning & Preparation – Always Be Prepared

Be prepared to be in it for the long haul, give your self enough time to find the perfect house. Leaving it until the last-minute may not be a good idea as you may end up purchasing a home that turns out not to be exactly what you wanted. Giving your self enough time will also allow you to complete all the necessary checks and surveys before making your final decision.

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Location – Be Sure To Choose The Right Spot

When searching for your dream home you will want to be sure that there are good schools, colleges, parks, doctors and other local amenities near by. You will want to know the local travel routes, for buses and trains in your area and how you will commute to work etc. Remember once you have bought your home you can change one or two things, but you can not move the house from its current location. Check with the local crime stoppers website which will give you the local crime statistics for your area. The last thing you want to do is move into a nuisance neighborhood.

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Set Realistic Budgets – Don’t Set Your Sight To High

Before looking to buy your home it is a good idea to sit down and work out all your finances, setting a realistic budget will help you to keep track of exactly what you can afford to pay. Take into account all other expenses that can be  accrued when buying a home, these could include:

  • Building survey Fees
  • Estate Agent Fees
  • Solicitor Fees
  • Stamp Duty Fees

Think about the costs and the costs of running your home after you have moved in. You don’t want to buy a home you can not maintain, you are at risk of losing your home if monthly payments are not kept in order.

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Choosing The Right Estate Agents – Find Agents That Are Right For You

Contact many different estate agent in your area, sometimes the same house can be listed by other estate agents for a cheaper price. There are two types of estate agents you can choose from Local or Online. A local estate agent will have a base in your area where you can pop in for a detailed discussion. With online estate agents you are faced with no office and know one to report to on a day-to-day basis, you may be offered a home viewing that you may be charged for so be aware when choosing your estate agents. You will need to choose the estate agents that best suits your exact needs. It can really pay to do your home work when making big decisions like buying a house.

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What Do You Need From Your New Home 

To find a home that matches your criteria you will need to think about what you want from your new home, whether that be more bedrooms a bigger garden, better location, a bigger house, or a smaller house, single or double garages. Once you no exactly what you need it will make buying your home so much easier, sit down with your family and talk about the things you would all like to have and see in the new home.

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Negotiate – On The Asking Price Try To Buy As Low As You Can

If the person you are buying your new home from has owned it for many years they may be inclined to reduce the asking price for you as they have made substantial gains from owning the property over the years. To lose £2000 and gain £98000 is a no-brainer. The housing market is the home-buyers market so don’t feel shy to ask for a negation on the price of the home you wish to buy. Some home sellers will fix all the issues you have raised saving you spending money on maintenance which in the long run could work out better than getting a reduced price.

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House Removals – Arrange For Your Furniture To Be transported

Once you have found your home you will need to have a removals company booked on stand by. A removals company will be the best way to have all your furniture delivered to your new home without causing damage to your furniture or your new home. Book your moving company 4 weeks before you plan to move, this will avoid any disappoint on the day of your move.

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