Would you like to know how to get sofa-couch through a doorway?

Learning how to get sofa-couch through a doorway requires some skills and experience, it can be very exhausting and stressful. It is hard to determine if a sofa will fit through a door, up a flight of stairs or even in to a lift by just looking  following our easy to use step by step guide and helpful tips on how to get the sofa-couch through a doorway? into the correct rooms of your choice.

 How to get sofa-couch through a narrow doorway?   

How to get sofa-couch through a doorway?

When buying a new sofa it is so easy to be distracted by what colours, materials, comfort and style your sofa is going to be, and because of this you are missing the most important factors “will the sofa actually fit through the front door and into the house it self”, many do not fit so bare this in mind when choosing your new sofa. If you have brought a new sofa and it won’t fit through the door following our guide should help you to get it in, we have some clever moving tips that you could try first. Before choosing or buying a sofa measure the height, width and length of the sofa, also measure your doorway, lift and stairway just to be sure that it will fit in your home.

First you will have to take all the packaging and cushions off the sofa , if it has feet you will need to use a screw driver to take the feet off. Using the packaging place this on the floor near the door way, just in case you have to put the sofa on the floor this will stop it from getting dirty or being damaged in any way.

Once this has been done take all the screws out of the door hinges and put them in a secure bag for safe keeping. Taking the doors off gives you that extra room needed to get the sofa through.

Maneuver the sofa to the door way, rotate the couch so that the part you lean against is at the top and carefully position the couch in an angle that it will easily go through the door, you may not have much room between the sofa and the door way so be careful when pulling the sofa through the door way to avoid it being scratched or ripped. Trying to stand the sofa on its arm will not work if the sofa is longer in length than the door frame it self.  You should repeat this process for the 2 seater and chair.

Once you have the angled sofa half way through the door you are going to get it in.


You will need to have a helpful hand to help you move the sofa
Take all the cushions off the sofa to start with
Take all the sofa’s legs off to allow for extra space through doorways
Place a blanket down in-case you have to put it on the ground
Measure the sofa height, width and length and the doorway, lift and stairway
If you are not sure your new sofa will fit into your home it could be best to hire a professional moving company

How to get sofa-couch through a doorway?

How to get sofa-couch through a doorway?

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