Simple Tips On How To Make A Rented Flat look Nice & Feel Like Home?

Owning your first flat or apartment has become a thing of the past, for lots of people living here in the UK. There are more people now renting their first flat or apartment than buying. If moving to a small, rented flat or apartment, you are going to need as much living space as you possibly can get. So no point filling your place with loads of items and bulky furniture. We have plenty solutions, and things you can do. That help to make more space and room and make your flat look more presentable. This article explains the process of how to make a rented flat, apartment or a small space feel homely. It explains what you can do to gain valuable space and make your rented flat feel like a real home.

Many private land lords and estate agents will not agree to you painting or redecorate your rented flat in different colours. This will limit what you can and cant do, when it comes to changing the colours of your flat or apartment. But, not to worry, below you will find helpful decorating tips on how to make your rental flat or apartment look and feel good. When renting a flat, you have the choice of renting with furniture and renting with out. We suggest, if you can, getting your own and adding your own styles and tastes to the place.

Clear The Clutter Before Moving In

To make your flat feel larger and more like a home, its best to arranging a flat clearance, where you can get rid of the things you just don’t need. Choose a Sunday to get these sort of task done, when you have more time on your hands. A flat clearance is a great time to dispose of old unwanted clutter or damaged items that you may have. You can even list some valuable items for sale and earn some money towards your first months rent or to buy furnishings for your new flat or apartment.

Reducing the clutter. Whether that be old bank statements, items stored under the bed or in cupboards, old toys that are no longer being used. Clearing these unwanted items will open up so much space and allow for extra room in your rented flat or apartment. Helping you to have a clutter free and spacious home.

Curtains & Blinds

Land lords tend to decorate old rented flats & properties with second hand furniture. This may include dated and used curtains and blinds. However, it is not the end of the world. Fixtures like old curtains can easily be replaced for new ones. Bright quality curtains and blinds can make a dull room, look homely and look 10 times better. You will want to purchase light weight curtains, that block out the light. You can even paint or pick a curtain rail, in the colours that match the coordination and style of your new rented flat or apartment. Changing your dated curtains and seeing beyond the old curtains will make you feel a lot better about moving in to a older flat or apartment. If the walls are horrible use white curtains to cover the horrible looking walls. There is so many little things you can do with curtains, to make a small rented flat look nice and feel bigger.

Moving In To A Old Rented Flat

Is your rented flat full of old dated features. 40 years old or even more. Do not let this dampen your mood and sprit about renting the flat. These features can used as a decor to make your flat look stylish. Many old victorian buildings have now been reconstructed into flats or apartments for renting purposes. Here you will find helpful tips on how to make your dated flat look nice, by adding just a few simple touches.

  • Change the dated lighting and fixtures, for more modern or retro style lighting. Lights will add a spark and brighten up the look and feel to your flat. If your lights are too bright you can try adding nice looking lamp shades, that matches the colours and makes the room stand out.
  • Remove old dark carpets and floors and replace with an expensive carpet or rug to brighten up the look and feel of your rented flat or apartment. You can even sand and polish the original wooden flooring, bringing it back to life.
  • Instead of painting your walls. Hang up pictures and paintings. Pictures and paintings, if set up correctly will transform the feel of your room and make your rented flat look more appealing and stylish.
  •  Tv’s fitted to the wall offer extra space and room with in a small flat or apartment. A tv and stand will use up more of your floor space. If moving into a small place, purchase some tv wall brackets from your local hardware store and get these fitted. Now you can either sell, donate or reuse your tv stand for something else.

How To Make A Small Kitchen Look & Feel Bigger

If renting a small flat. The chances are, the kitchen is going to be small. This not the be all and end all. You can actually modify your kitchen. Giving it a larger looking effect. Below you will find ideas you can use to make your rented flat and kitchen look bigger.

  • Use Mirrors where ever possible, as they will reflect the image, making your kitchen look a lot bigger than it actually is.
  • Choose shiny work tops that reflect the light and adds a shine and glow to your kitchen.
  • If it’s with the land lord. Purchase kitchen cupboards, with sliding doors or integrated kitchen units that look hidden and out of sight.
  • Floating shelves are good for placing items high up on the walls and out of the way. You can place almost anything on to them like glasses, plates, plants and vases. Again go with a modern or retro style, depending on the type of flat or apartment you are renting.
  • Placing lights under your kitchen cabinets makes the kitchen look bigger and welcoming.
  • If your kitchen is dark and depressing. Open the windows and curtains. Let the sun and light pear in through your kitchen window.
  • Paint the kitchen windows frames, doors and door frames in bright effective colours too. You will spend most of the time in your rented flat or apartment looking at them. Giving the window frames and doors a fresh lick of paint, will make the kitchen look bigger, cleaner and more satisfying.

Taking Care Of Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a room you want to be able to escape to after a hard days work. The main thing to bear in mind is to keep things simple. Too many items in the bedroom can make it feel cluttered and small. For a small bedroom you will not want to have large bulky wardrobes, that take up half of the space in the room. Instead, you will find expert tips and realistic solutions, that will help you to transform the look and feel of your bedroom.

  • Start by laying out some quality fresh bed sheets, that match the colours of your bedroom. Clean fresh sheets always make you feel good.
  • Use wooden bed frames in stead of using divan beds. Divans are bulky and take up lots of space. With a wooden bed frame or storage bed you can place things underneath or inside.
  • Instead, of having a big wardrobe that takes up so much room. Why not attach a clothing rail from wall to wall or a clothing rail that you can push in to a corner of the bedroom.
  • Remove dirty or pet odoured carpets and rugs. Cleaning them can sometimes make them smell bad if not done professionally. If renting for a long term. Speak to the land lord or letting agents. Ask if they will replace your carpets, with something more liveable. Many reputable land lords and letting agents will do as much as they can to ensure you are happy with renting your new flat.
  • Add stylish blinds or curtains to make your bedroom feel more cosy.
  • 2 bed side lights and 2 bed side tables is all the furniture you will need in your bedroom. This will give you the space you need to walk around the bedroom. Bedroom tables are perfect for storing small clothing or odd items in the bedroom.
  • Place large mirrors on the wall, this will reflect the size of the bedroom. Which you can also use when getting dressed or doing your makeup.
  • Fix your bedroom tv on to the wall. As this will ensure you don’t kick your tv stand every time you get up. It also save so much more space on the floor than having a large tv cabinet sitting in the bedroom and looks a lot better.

Utilising The Space In Your Rented Flat The Best Way You Can

Instead, having loads of large bulky furniture and items. Try to settle with just 1 or 2 expensive larger items of furniture and few fixtures for your flat. For example, a beautiful couch and a side unit along with 2 lamps fitted to the wall. This would leave room for you to have enough space to move with in a small rented flat. For example, a dining table takes up a lot of space and room. Get fold up table and chairs instead, that you can fold up and store out the way when not in use. The less items you have on display, the more spacious your rented flat will feel. So keep the larger items to a minimum if you can. Use things like books as a display feature in the house. Use the floating shelves to stack your books up and make your own mini library.

Patch Up Holes & Dents In The Walls

As you are renting the your new flat you, will not want to spend £1000’s sorting out all the cosmetic work that needs to be done. A rouge land lord will try to avoid spending money to get the flat up to decent or modern standard. If this is the case. You can purchase, ready mixed filler, which does’t cost much from a hardware store and fill in the holes your self. If you have a friend that is good at decorating, may be you could ask them to help you refill all the wholes in the walls. Once the holes have been refilled and smoothed down, you can paint over them in the exact same colours. This helps to freshen up your flat and makes it look cleaner and fresher. Save any repair receipts that you have for money you have had to spend on your rented flat or apartment.

Paint Radiators & Covers

Radiators, radiator covers and radiator water pipes tend to lose colour quickly, due to the hot and cold changes in temperature. The best thing to do, is to sand down your radiators using a soft smooth sander, just enough to remove the old gloss paint. Once sanded down, clean with a soft wet cloth and paint over with fresh clean paint. Remember if renting your flat or apartment the land lord may not want you to paint the flat, nor the radiator in any other colours.


This article on How To Make A Rented Flat Feel Like Home? Offers many fabulous ideas, that brings real result to your home. Transforming the entire look and feel of your old rented flat or apartment. Making your flat feel more like a home.

Moving in to a rented flat is not as simple as it sounds. It has its challenges. Firsts things first, you will have to find some where suitable to rent a flat or apartment, as well as making constant calls to letting agents and private land lords. Secondly, visiting multiple places and finding deposits etc. Thirdly, relocating your furniture and belongings in to the flat. You have so much to consider when renting a flat or property.

Overall, we hope you have enjoyed this helpful article on How To Make A Rented Flat Feel Like Home? If you have any ideas or suggestions, on how to help when moving to a rented flat or apartment and can make this post even greater for readers, please feel free to get in touch.