Moving House | Follow the perfect guide on how to make extra storage space when moving to a new home in Lincoln or Lincolnshire UK

Find out how simple it is for you to create extra storage from a limited space within your home. Following this essential guide on how to make extra storage space when moving to a new home, will help you to finally have the space you deserve in your new home.

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How To Save Storage Space In The Kitchen

How To Make Extra Storage Space When Moving To A New Home

1) Take the spices, sugar, tea bags, biscuits and other kitchen essentials out of their original packaging. Place them in to plastic container or jam jars that can be left in a kitchen cupboard out of sight or placed on top of each other. This will help to hide the essentials in the kitchen, making it look less cluttered and messy. Label the food containers or jars so you know what is inside.

2) If looking for a new kitchen, it is best to look into a kitchen in which a lot if not every thing can be hidden. Many modern kitchens come with hidden storage compartments, for food, plug sockets, dustbins, washer, dryer, fridge freezer and much more. With modern, more up to date kitchens a lot is already hidden for your in little storage compartments inside the cupboards, these compartments slide out and slide back in again to be hidden from veiw.

3) Having cupboards that are higher above the work top surface, can be very beneficial, providing a massive amount of extra storage space for plates, glasses, jugs, bowls and much. These types of kitchens provide a clever storage solutions for your kitchen, offering storage that is high up and out the way.

4) Use wall holders or rail holders to hang small items like tea towels or oven gloves wall holders can be used for bigger items, such as pots and pans. This will help save storage space in the cupboards, so you can add and store many more items.

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How To Save Storage Space In The Bedroom

How To Make Extra Storage Space When Moving To A New Home

1) Put all jewelry and make up in to a jewelry box, that can be stored in a the bottom of your chest of draws. This is one step to making your bedroom the room of your dreams.

2) Using a different color boxes, place college work, school work, passport and other valuable paper works in them. Place them in a draw so they are kept safe and stay out-of-the-way.

3) Place tv, dvd, and sky box on to the wall or with a little money spent, have your appliances engraved into the wall. This will maximize the space of not having a table in the room giving you a lot more walking space within the room.

4) Putting your bed closer to the corner of the room, will give a little more room, rather than having the bed positioned in the middle of the room, where it will take up more space and you will have to walk around it constantly.

5) Purchase some coat or key hangers. Coat hangers can be fitted easily to the wall allowing you to store and hand coats, clothes and keys on the wall or the back of the door. Placing 1 or 2 coat hangers in your bedroom storage cupboard, this will allow you to hang garments, while keeping them out of sight.

6) While wardrobes can take up a lot room, they can offer storage for a lot of items, from shoes, to suits, boxes to and other items. A wardrobe offers many storage compartments in which we can use for storage and storing most items in the bedroom.

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 How To Save Storage Space In The Living Room

How To Make Extra Storage Space When Moving To A New Home

1) Putting up large mirrors in your living room can make the room appear much, much bigger than it actually is. This is a cheaper alternative to taking down partitioned walls, to make the living room space bigger.

2) Clearing magazines, books and news papers from the living room table and try putting up some floating shelves, specially made for holding books, so they can be stored high up and out of sight, on a nicely designed floating shelf, which will make your books look more appealing to see in the room

3) A corner sofa is designed to make the most of the living room, just like the bed, the corner sofa will be sitting in the far corner out-of-the-way, allowing for more room to move and walk.

4) To get the absolute most out of your living room space, it is beneficial to go up wards, storing furniture, belongings and items above head height Remember storing items above head height is so much more positive and provides needed space you can use to maximize the overall living space you have in your living room.

5) Floating shelves can be used to store, pictures, ornaments, furniture, tv and appliances, Floating shelves will reduce the need of cupboards or tables to place the tv on, pictures, ornaments etc.

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