To ensure you get a removal quote that is fair, accurate and cost-effective you will need to do a few things before calling your movers round to veiw the property. Below you will find all the things you can do to make sure you get the most affordable quotation for your house removals.

Arranging a house clearance

A house clear out is the best way to keep moving cost low and will ensure you are not taking items or furniture you no longer want or need to the new home. The point of moving home is to have a fresh start. The last thing you need is to clutter the new home with items that have been stored for years. Moving home is the chance to clear the unwanted items you forgot you had.

Do as much as you can do your self

If moving on a budget, you may want to do as much of the work your self. This could include any thing from the packing of all items and furniture, finding your own boxes, dismantling furniture, disconnecting appliances. This sounds simple, but it could prove to be more hard work than you imagined, depending on the size of your home and how many items you have to pack.

Another important thing to remember is that many removal companies may not cover your move with their own insurance policy, if customers pack their own items. So check with your movers fi

Sell furniture or items you no longer need

Selling furniture you don’t want or need will also help to cover the cost of your move. Setting up a garage or car boot sale is a good way to sell the items and gain some extra money to the moving cost.

Now let’s look at ways you can save more money that will help to make sure you get the most affordable quotation for your house Removals

No matter how big or how small your home is, it is always a good idea to invite your moving company round to see exactly what your move involves. This is the only way your movers will get a full idea of what they will need to do and tackle on removals day.

Arrange A FREE Home Survey

Invite your removals company to visit your home. Asked them to conduct a free no obligation home survey. A survey is where your moving company visits you at home to assess the belongings you wish to move to the new home. They will also explain the whole moving process to you.

Many removal companies will have alternative options, like completing a video survey or taking a detailed inventory list. All are ok. But nothing can beat speaking to your movers face to face.

Show your movers everything

To make sure you get the most affordable quotation for your house removals it is wise to show you movers every room in the house, this includes the attic, the shed, cupboards and even in the seller.

Let your moving company know if you will have to wait for the new house keys

Their are many occasions where people are left waiting for the new house keys to be released by the estate agents. If this is the case let your movers know right away, as they will be able to start the move at a later time. Some removal companies will charged for any waiting times. So its always best to notify them asap.

Dont be afraid to negotiate on your quote

If you think your quote should be cheaper or if you have had a cheaper quote but would like to go with another company. Explain this to them as they may provide you with a price match. Most removal companies will always work to fit in to your budgets when moving home, so it’s always worth negotiating on price if necessary.

Thinking of doing your own home packing

If doing your own home packing service it is vital that you have everything boxed and packed before your movers actually arrive. Some companies may not take boxes that are open, nor take items that are not packed.

The key to packing your home is to ensure all items smaller than a microwave end up bubble wrapped and placed safely in to a removal box.

Ask your removals company if they will use a smaller removal vehicle

If moving locally or with a 10 mile radius it may be possible for your removals company to provide a smaller vehicle for your move but complete 1 or 2 trips. This option is for smaller removals only 2-3 bed moves. Using a smaller vehicle completing 2 trips can work out a lot more cost-effective, than having a large 7.5 tonne or 18 tonne removal lorry. Using a 3.5 tonne completing 2 trips could save you £200 off your move.

Moving at weekends can sometimes work out to be a lot cheaper

The day of the week you plan to move home may affect the price you pay for your move. For example a lot of removal companies in the UK are extremely busy on Fridays, during the summer and winter. Removals during this time can be expensive. So moving in January, on a weekend or any day but Friday may be the best if moving on a budget.

Always refer your removals company to friends or family

Recommend a family member or friend to your movers as they may offer you both a great discount on your quote. All these methods can be used to help make sure you get the most affordable quotation for your house removals.

Always accept a fixed price quotation for your move

When moving home it is always best to go with removal companies that provide a fixed price quote or set price. This is so you know exactly where you stand and how much money you need to budget for your move well in advance.

Many man and van removal companies will charge a hourly rate. This is ok, but only if the move lasts a few hours, can you imagine the total hourly cost for a 6 bedroom house for the whole day or 2.

How your removal quote is calculated

Your moving company will base your quote on the following

  • The size of your home
  • The volume of furniture you have to be moved
  • The type of services you require. Packing, boxes, dismantling etc
  • How many days the move may take
  • The number of movers and packers needed
  • The size of vehicle (s ) that you will need
  • The distance of travel to the new home location

All of the above must be clearly analysed before a professional removals company provides you with a quotation.

How much is your move likely to cost?

It all depends on how much items you have to be moved. How difficult the access to your home is, the distance of travel etc. Listed below are the price examples you could expect to pay.

  • For a 1-3 bedroom house removal you could expect to pay £200 -£350
  • For a 4-6 bedroom house removal you could expect to pay £450.00 – £650

Please take note…

When searching for or trying to make sure you get the most affordable quotation for your house removals, it is always good to remember that the cheapest removal quote does not mean it will be the best. You will still need to do your home work when looking for a reliable removals company for your move.

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