Moving Home? Preparing For A House Removals? Find  Expert Tips & Advice On How To Move House Safely

The stress free way to a successful house move

With so many tasks to do and things to think about on moving day it can become too much for some people to cope with. Especially if moving from a large family house with children. The following guide on how to move house, tips & advice will help to ensure you complete the right tasks at the right time, which in return will help to ensure you have a successful and pleasant moving experience from the start.

Locate and book in a reputable house removals company

There are hundreds of house removal companies operating within the UK its important to find the one that best suits your needs. Some furniture removal companies offer man and van services and others offer the full scale removal from providing boxes, packing your entire home, moving you abroad, and taking care of all your moving needs.

When choosing your removals company be sure to give your self enough time to locate the right company for you. As removal companies can become really busy especially during the summer and Christmas period, so giving your self and your removals company enough time will help to ensure your moving date is booked in and secure.

Arrange a FREE home survey & removal quotation when moving to your new home

Decide on whether to pack or leave it to the professionals

To pack or not to pack. This is a big decision to make when moving home. If deciding to pack your self you will need to weigh up the options available to you. For example, do you have a lot of furniture to be moved, do you have children and a large family, do you have enough hands to help with the packing. Will you need to purchase moving boxes and materials, Does the house have many rooms that require packing. These are the questions that you should consider when doing your own packing.

On the other hand you could sit back relax and hire in a professional home packing team that is packed with expertise to ensure your home is safely boxed and packed to the highest of standards. On many occasions the professionals will have the skills and experience to ensure your home is packed, boxed and ready for transportation all with in one working day, saving you valuable time and physical work so you can focus on the more important task involved when moving home like setting up connections for the new home address.

Find all the information you need when packing your entire home here

Order top quality removal boxes & packaging materials

The best place to order boxes when moving home is from your removals company. Removal boxes are designed to be strong, sturdy and hold the wight and protect the contents inside. Removal companies can offer great discounts on packaging materials especially if you have booked your move d with them, some companies may offer free boxes to their clients which can help save a few hundred in the back pocket as moving materials are not cheap to purchase, but is essential to ensure your items and belongings are safe, protected free from damage when being moved from A to B.

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Contact healthcare providers & schools in your new area

Prior to moving home you will need to locate your children’s schools, colleges and universities. Instruct their old schools to fax over all paperwork to the new head at the new school. It is always a good idea if you can to take the children to see the new school and head teacher before starting. As well as schools you will also need to contact your health care providers in your new area which may include doctors, dentists, opticians, physiotherapist and any other health care organisations you may require.

You can use the NHS Healthcare website to locate healthcare providers within your postcode and area

Arrange for a baby sitter on the day of the move

Children can become emotional when they first realise that the removal men are their to move all their home possessions which can be a little frightening for toddlers. The best thing to do is to arrange for a baby sitter, family or close friends to take them for a fun day our to the park or for a treat at McDonald’s. This will give you and your removals company the time to focus 100% on your move ensuring that when the children are done playing they can arrive to a new home and bedroom that is all set up and laid out with the favourite toys. This will be a much more better welcoming for them into their new home and surroundings.

How to prepare children for the big move ahead

Re-direct Mail to your new home address

Avoid Identity Fraud When Moving House  – Have All Mail, Parcels & Important documents Redirected to the new home address using the royal mail redirection services to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. Re-directing your mail when moving home is the smartest thing to do and will ensure you receive all your documents for when you move into your new home.

Want to re-direct your mail, letters, parcels & important documents. Visit the Royal Mail Redirection Website

Change the address on your TV Licence

If you watch tv at home then you may already have a TV Licence in place you can apply to the TV Licensing agency to have your TV Licence transferred to the new home address.

If you don’t have a tv but will be watching tv within your new home you will need to apply for a TV Licence to be registered at the new home address. It is an offence to operate and watch a tv within the UK without a valid TV Licence.

Want to change your TV Licence Address. Visit the TV Licensing Website

Apply to the local authority for a parking permit

Many residential areas now require home owners to have a parking permit for them to be able to park their cars outside their home. It’s essential that you apply for the parking permit prior to moving out and into the new house. Depending on how many cars you have in your house hold will depend on how many permits will be required. You will need to notify visitors to your new home that they may be required to pay a small fee to park in your new location.

You can apply for your parking permit by contacting your local authority. Or the Gov Website

List of organisations you may need to contact when moving home

Services and utilities
Tick:     Date:
Post office
Cable/satellite and internet service providers
TV/video rental companies
TV licensing
Building societies
Credit card companies
Council tax department
National savings and premium bonds
Your employer
Insurance companies
Pension companies
Inland revenue
Social security
Breakdown recovery company
Vehicle registration
Vehicle insurance
Friends and relatives
Milk delivery
Sports club

As you can see from the guide above moving home involves a lot more than just moving your items from A to B. Choosing a helpful removal company like MnM Removals you should have no problems executing the perfect home move when moving within the UK.

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